Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you go to for your Botox?

Krishna Patel, M.D., Ph.D.

What color lipstick where you wearing on Instastrories yesterday 1/27?
Glo Skin Suede Matte Crayon - in Demure and then I put this gloss over the top. Any of these colors will look great over the demure lipstick. I have on the tulip color but it's no longer available. But peony is almost identical.  

What is the brand and style of that bra that you swear by? 
Third Love  and the style I have is Classic T-Shirt Bra 

What brand and color is that grey nail polish that you always have on?

What spiralizer do you have? 

Where can I find the "no show socks" you're always raving about? 

Which essential oil diffuser do you have, and which oils do you use?
InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser  and I use Healing Solutions Oils 
These are the diffusers that both my kids have, and I use the same oils above in their diffusers. 

Where is the art from in your dining room? 

Where is your phone case from and also the loop thing you have on it? 

Where are your bronze colored pots and pans from? 

What brand jeans are your absolute favorite? 
Good American, they are the best fitting and most comfortable jeans ever. 

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