Wednesday, September 14, 2022

August Amazon Purchases

I have already burned this entire candle and just re-ordered it. It smells like the most delicious apple pie ever, and it's one that fills your entire house with the scent. 

This was a definite keeper in the Amazon dress department. It is very soft, the length is perfect, and it has pockets!! 

We went ahead and ordered this for Halloween before they all sell out. I've got to say, the quality is really really good. 

Taylor is still really into making her bracelets and she found this cool lava bracelet kit about a month ago. She has been making the prettiest bracelets with it. 

I ordered this for the girls bathroom because their old one broke, and the pink glass mixed with the gold is so pretty. Plus, it's easy to pump so it's also very functional. 

I ordered this to hold all of Taylor's bracelets and it's so pretty...I kind of want one myself.

I am so obsessed with these dresses that I wear one at least two times a week. This one doesn't have the built in bra, but I loved the fir so much that I don't mind tossing on a sports bra with it. 

Order this blanket now and make sure you get one for everyone on your Christmas list as well. It's the best Barefoot Dreams dupe and it's only $15.99!!!! 

I ordered this for our babysitter who was going off the college and I could not believe how good the quality was when it arrived. This would also make a great gift with the blanket above in it. Oh yeah, and it comes in several more colors and prints. 

I actually ordered two sets of these and just used the geometric ones in our four rocking chairs, and I love them. 

This stuff is the holy grail when it comes to a detangler, plus, it makes your kids hair smell SO SO good! 

Prettiest wine glasses ever and the price is so good! 

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