Friday, January 28, 2022

5 On Friday

Good morning and TGIF friends!!! Sorry I have been MIA here all week, but man it was a crazy one!! We celebrated Bandits birthday, Reeses birthday, and Carson's birthday!! Not to mention gymnastics and basketball two evening this week as well! But anyways, it's been a while since I've done a good five on Friday, so here ya go! 

ONE //

These two absolutely melt my heart, Carson adores her so much, and he is such an amazing big brother to her! I can't believe she is two and he is now officially 13... yes I have a toddler and a teenager!! 

Her actual birthday was Monday, but we celebrated over the weekend with just our family and two close friends of Carson and Taylor's that Reese loves to death! 

She was so excited about her frozen decorations (you can find them here, and they ship super fast)! And I found her ice cream cake that everyone loved at Walmart, and I ordered the little Frozen cake toppers here

This is the best picture that I could get of her on her actual birthday, she is all of a sudden not a fan of the camera anymore :( A few of you asked about her outfit, her mimi sent it to her, and I found it online here! And her rain boots that a lot of y'all asked about can be found here, and they are only $10 btw! 

TWO // 

It has been freezing here in Charleston this week, so I have pretty much stayed in these pjs most of the day!! And my slippers are old from Madewell, but they still make an almost identical pair that I linked below, and they are on major sale!! 

And when I did get out, I made sure to bundle up in my warmest jacket! 


So after a few too many glasses of wine the other week, I started shopping online and one of the things I ordered were these lifting face and neck mask. I chuckled when they came in, but decided to give them a try anyways, and holy crap I LOVE them!! I told Todd I think I should start a new series called tipsy amazon purchases that do/don't disappoint haha! Because I kid you not, some of my best and for sure some of my worst amazon purchases have been after I was a little tipsy!! 

FOUR // 

Have you guys checked out the new organization line that The Home Edit just launched at Walmart!?!?!? I seriously want it all, and the prices are SO good!! 

FIVE // 

I alway like to leave you guys with my favorite quote or inspirational message! I read these everyday, and they always help me put things into perspective, and or change the negative way I am thinking about things. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

 Hello friends and happy Thursday!!! I hope you are all having a great week, and cheers to it almost being FRIDAY!!! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I would share with you guys some really adorable and affordable gift ideas!! 

How cute is this sweater!!!! And right now it's 30% off! Thinking I may have to order this one, and also this one that is 40% off!! 

My Way By Giorgio Armani 

It has been forever since I've worn or purchased perfume, but I put some on the other night and I forgot how much I missed it. Plus I have heard so many wonderful things about this scent, and is the bottle not stunning as well?!?! And I love it comes in many different sizes, so you don't have to make an expensive purchase if you just want to try it out. 

Okay are these not the sweetest little rain boots you've ever seen?!? The reviews are amazing, and they are only $25! Now to decided if I should get these heart ones or the solid pink for Reese??

I absolutely love his brand especially when it comes to lipgloss, and it was already a great price, but today they marked it down 50% off and it's only $12!! 

Cravings By Zoe Chocolate Truffles 

If you a fan of truffles, order these right now for YOURSELF and for a gift haha!! Mine are currently on my way, but I've tried these before and they are melt in your mouth good!! 

Rumor has it that these are just as good if not better than Hanky Panky, and you get all three pair for $15. 

I am not sure why in the world I don't have one of these yet, but I am thinking this Valentine's is the time to make it happen. Loving this pretty color combo so much!! 

These gorgeous earrings not only have a PERFECT 5 star review, but they were just marked down to $13!!! Sold and sold!! And how cool are the acrylic gold backs you guys!?! 

If you guys don't already have this candle then order one for yourself, your mama, and your sister if you have one! It's only $5 and it smells like a $50 candle when it burns. 

SweatyRocks Lace Trim Top Pajama Set 

I just ordered these and they will arrive on Monday! I love that these looks super comfy, but can totally be pulled off for Valentines Day sexy haha! 

You guys know by now that I am a HUGE fan of anything Thyme and Table! And I am not only in need of some new bakeware, but I am loving this new pink design, and it would make the perfect V-Day gift! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

2022 Kitchen Refresh New Favorite Gadgets + Pots and Pans

Instead of jumping into full blown organization mode on the entire house like I normally do for the New Year, I decided to start in the place we spend the most time which is our kitchen.  I decided it was not only time to organize, but also upgrade a few gadgets (most importantly a new air fryer) and a new set of pots and pans

When I saw the new Drew Barrymore air fryer on it was love at first sight!!  Then I fell down the rabbit hole with all of her gorgeous items and ended up grabbing a few more things like her one touch kettle, and 2 slice touchscreen toaster.  I went with the color icing white, but the gray and the black with the gold are also stunning. 

But beauty aside, I can't tell you all how happy I am with this new air fryer!!  It wasn't until using this one that I realized how slow and unevenly our other one cooked certain foods.  We had a blast this past weekend using it on some of our favorite frozen foods that taste so much better in the air fryer.  They cooked so fast, and our wings had never been so evenly cooked and perfectly crispy! 

I told Todd I needed to do a Walmart food haul soon because the great value brand has become our go-to when it comes to frozen food.  Shown below are just a few of our favorites, but I'll share more details on all of these items later.  As for now, make sure you either order online through your Walmart + or go into your store and get every flavor they have available in their dry rub wings!  If they have all three, then get all three...I promise you will thank me!  All three flavors are amazing, but if I had to pick one I would go with the cajun style.

My little helper that always wants to be by mommy's side, especially in the kitchen! 

I just love that I can cook an entire meal in our new air fryer with literally one hand.

All of our kids are big fans of the frozen popcorn chicken and I can't even stop myself from eating this stuff out of the air fryer.  I just try and convince myself that it's super healthy since it's being air fried...haha!  The truth is, it really is a lot healthier than being deep fried and you get the same taste! 

Another gadget that we've been using non-stop is our one touch kettle.  Todd and I are both hot tea drinkers, and it has been a game changer for making it in the mornings!  We made the kids hot chocolate in it this past weekend and it was awesome!!  The best part is when you hit boil, you can watch and it tells you the temperature so I was able to pull it off before it got a complete boil so the kids got to enjoy their hot chocolate a lot faster without burning their mouths! 

And last, but not least, in the middle of ordering all of these new kitchen goodies from Walmart, these adorable glass soap dispensers caught my eye.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference, especially when you're staring at it all day long being that it's where you spend your most time!! 

Can you tell we're excited about our pretty kitchen gadgets!!?  And speaking of pretty, these pieces really are so gorgeous that I even made counter space where they can sit out all the time for easy access since they are all used pretty much daily! 

You can shop my outfit and everything above my clicking the photos below!

Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

My Skincare Routine

I have used Colleen Rothschild exclusively for the last 6 years, and I am pretty sure I will never use anything else!! It has done wonders for my skin, and with all the products that I have used in the past nothing compares!! Below are the products from her line that I swear by and use religiously! I tried to put them in the order I use them so you could get an idea of my skincare routine. And I am starting with my nighttime routine. And ps this is not sponsored in anyway, I just get asked on Instagram a good bit about my skincare routine and my favorite products! 

This is the first thing I use in the evenings to wash all my makeup off. 

2-3 nights out of the week I use this detox mask. It leaves your face feeling so smooth and refreshed. 

If I'm not using the detoxing mask then I usually use this enzyme polish after I wash my face. I feel like this polish gives you a deeper clean and really helps remove dead skin cells.

I only use this once or twice a week and I always apply it first before any other night time moisturizers. 

I switched out her compete eye cream for this new retinol eye cream, and it's my new favorite stuff ever!! It makes your eyes feel so awake, and I can tell such a difference with puffiness and wrinkles when I don't use it! 

After my eye cream I use the age renewal super serum, and y'all, this stuff is my FAVORITE!!!! As y'all can tell probably tell by my almost empty tube :) 

This is a pretty new product that I just started to add in after my age renewal serum, but so far I'm really liking it and the next morning my skin feels so soft.

I use this 3 to 4 times a week first thing in the morning right after I clean my face with the balancing gel cleanser. I love using this stuff when my skin is feeling super dry in the summer and the winter. 

And last, but not least, I apply this as my last step before I apply makeup. This moisturizer is amazing and I love that it is not heavy. It leaves your face feeling hydrated and not greasy like a lot of moisturizers do. 

I have just started using this over the past three months because my skin has been SO dry this winter!! And it really is so good, I can't believe it's taken me this long to try it. And like most of her products a little goes a long way! 

This is another new product that I am pretty sure now that I've started using, I could not live without!! It makes my makeup look ten times better and smoother, and it does wonders for shrinking the appearance of my pores!! 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Amazon Best Buys 2021

 I am pretty sure we can all agree that we LOVE Amazon!! I would say I use Amazon for 80% of the things I purchase, including most of mine, Todd's, and the kids fashion! And I'll share my fashion favorites next week in a dedicated post of its on, because I definitely found some amazing fashion finds in 2021! But right now I wanted to share my absolute favorite gadgets, home products, and self-care items that I've ordered from Amazon in 2021!! 

Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set 

 If you are or anyone you know are in the market for a set of really good durable china, then seriously get this set right now!!! And the bowls are way bigger than your normal cereal bowls, so they're perfect for soup and or stews! Oh yeah and the entire set is only $40!!

Ultra-Soft 4 Pack Oversized Stripe Beach Towels 

I am sure you guys remember me posting about these towels last summer, and let me tell you they are still in PERECT condition with zero fading!!! NOW the BEST part... and they never went on sale last year, but they are almost 50% off and only $24 for the entire set! 

Souper Cubes 

If you make soup often, meal prep, or need a way to store your leftovers then get a set of these right now!!! And I also have this size as well, and I use these more if I double a recipe to make for an easy dinner during the week. 

TCL 50-inch 4K Smart TV 

We have replaced every single tv in our house with this brand!! The color, picture, and easy to use included apps have all been amazing!!   

Washable PC Cushion Back Side Chairs 

These chairs have been amazing in the kids playroom, and not only are they comfortable, they are easy to wipe down when they get anything spilled on them. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 

I have had a few different wireless keyboards over the last few years but this one has been by far the best one yet. A lot of my other ones would glitch and stall, but not this one! 

Premium Velvet Hangers 

As I am writing this I realize that I need order more of these, I swear I lose hangers as much as I lose socks haha!! But the quality and durability of these hangers are awesome, and I love all the different colors they come in. 

Highly Accurate Digital Scale 

This scale is just like it says in the description very accurate, and I love the small thin design of this one! Oh yeah and it's only $25!! 

Bondi Home Hair Towel 

I have used a very similar hair towel like this for over two years, and I finally replaced it about a month ago with this one!! Get this asap, especially if you have damaged hair, or hair that takes forever to dry! 

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner 

I have tried SO many self tanners over the years, and this one is by far the best I've ever used. Also, it doesn't streak or have a funny smell. 

This is the curling iron set I bought about a year ago, and it's awesome!! Plus I love how many interchangeable wands it has to give you different waves depending on what you like. 

Solimo 5 Blade Razor 

I have been meaning to share this razor on here with you guys for a while now! I finally found one that I love better than any of the mens razors and that doesn't give me razor burn! This brand has seriously become of a favorite of mine for great quality at an affordable price! 

Wet Brush Pro Detangler  

You guys know I am a huge fan of the wet brush, as I am sure many of you all are as well. But I got this one for Carson not too long ago, and it blows the regular wet brush out of the water!!

Noodle And Boo Conditioning Hair Polish 

This will be forever my favorite detangler for all of my kids hair! I have used it on Carson since he was a baby, and not only doesn't it get the knots out, it makes their hair smell so good!! 

If you're in the market for a new diffuser or even your first one, I can't recommend this one enough!! I love it because it is a lot larger than my other ones, and the design is also very pretty, so it looks nice on your dresser or counter. 

Hello Lovely Hair Gummies 

My hair is currently a hot mess, but since I've been taking these I have noticed a lot of new growth. And these taste exactly the same as the more expensive ones I used to buy, and the ingredients are pretty much the same! 

Sauve Kids 3-in-1 Body Wash and Conditioner 

I bought this on a whim last year because it popped up in my amazon suggestions, and the reviews were great! Since then I have ordered it twice, and it's what both Carson and Taylor use every night!  And Carson has sensitive skin and he has never had one problem with this stuff! 

Foldable Polka Dot Swiveling Baby Pram 

If I could pick Reeses favorite toy and best kid/baby purchase of all time, this would be the winner right here!! 

To Do List Notepad

I love this notepad so much that I keep one in my office and in the kitchen! The size is perfect while not being too big, but giving you enough space to jot everything down. 

Dip Dye Ceramic Lamp 

I was surprised to look back at my sellers and see that this was a big one in 2021, I didn't think that many of you guys would need/want lamps haha!! But all of that to say these lamps are amazing quality, and the price is great! 

Capri Blue Candle 

Best smelling candle ever, and amazon packages it so well! Have purchased three times and it always arrives perfect, and makes so happy when I light it! 

If you're anything like me, then this book needs no description!! Todd and I both have one, and we just ordered one for Carson taking 45 minutes to reset his darn password on his Xbox! 

Lightweight Insulated Backpack Cooler 

We bought this cooler last summer for the pool and the beach, and the quality seriously blew us away! And clearly were not the only ones to think so with the almost perfect 5 star reviews, and the new four colors they just brought it out in!  

Low Beach Camping Ultra Light Backpack Chair 

Another beach purchase I highly highly recommend! These are also perfect for sports events as well! And if you're not a Clemson fan do not worry they come in other colors :) 

25 Slightly Assorted Flower Seed Packets 

I always get asked about our flower garden in the spring/summer, and these are the exact ones I ordered and they grew really great, and took little to no care!! 

I am pretty sure I've shared these a few times on my stories, but these are what Carson and Taylor both use daily at school. They keep their water very cold and they are easy to clean! 

Last thing, if you're considering a small table and chair set for your kiddos, then do not look any further, get this set now!! The quality blow PBK out of the water, and the price is SO good!!!