Friday, December 17, 2021

Last Minute Gift Guide

 Okay friends, I am still over here places Christmas gift orders like a mad woman!!! Please tell me I am not alone here?!?!?! Well if I am not, I thought I would share a few really good last minute gifts for everyone on your list!! All of these items ship within next day or same day, so you will have them in plenty of time for Christmas!!! 

This is probably the best look mens organizer I have ever come across. And this would make such a great gift that even the wives would love, not to mention it's pretty enough to have sitting on your dresser or nightstand. Oh yeah, and it also has a perfect 5 star review!!

Winter Suede Fluffy Mules 

These slippers remind me so much of the Ugg slippers, but as you can guess are WAY cheaper!! They're actually only $20 and come in 4 different colors, and if your order them today they arrive tomorrow! 

Does this robe not look so amazing?!?! I can picture myself waking up Christmas morning in this with a big cup of coffee in hand! 

First off how stunning are these champagne flutes?!?! And they're under $25 and ship super fast! Also, I think this would make the perfect gift with New Years right behind Christmas!! 

Everlasting Comfort Insulated Cooler Backpack 

I am pretty sure any adult or college kid on your list would be very excited to receive this!!! It's perfect for the beach, pool, camping, and concerts!!! 

This is such a sleek looking wine opener, and the reviews are really really good!! Best part though is it's under $20!! 

Relaxing Mineral Bath Salts 

This would make such a great add-on gift with the robe and or the slippers above!! Or you could also just gift this with these exfoliating loofah for a cheaper gift but one that you know will get used!  

This candle is hands down my FAVORITE candle of all time, and I've never met anyone who didn't love the smell of it as well! And I've ordered this exact candle off of amazon before, and it comes bubble wrapped and packaged nicely! 

I seriously may need this $9 cookbook for myself haha! But this would be such a great gift to give any collage kid, and you could include some of my favorite seasonings that I talked about in this post, for a complete gift! 

I remember this game so well as a kid, and I loved it SO much!! 

This looks so fun, and it really is perfect for kids of all ages! I can see all three of mine being really into this!! 

Y'all this bag is so good, I have it in the stripe version, but now they have added a zipper part at the bottom for shoe storage. And you guys it's under $50!!!

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