Thursday, August 26, 2021

Loving Lately

Hello friends and happy almost Friday! I hope you all been having a great week so far, we've been busy as usual around here getting the kids back into the routine of school and chasing Bandit and Reese around :) My parents took little Reese on Tuesday for a few days this week, and I am about to leave in just a little while to go get her! Man I can't wait to see her sweet little face, I've missed her little happy smile so much! 

Anyways, I wanted to pop on here and share with you all a few random things that I've been loving lately! 

Large Essential Oil Diffuser 

Last week I started using my oils in every room around the house, and I really can tell such a difference in my mood and my sleep! My favorite oils are this "best blend set" that I have been using forever now, but I just ordered this smaller set called stress relief by the same brand last week, and I am excited to try them out as well. And all of this to say that I have been wanting a new larger diffuser for our bedroom, and this one is on the way to us! So I will report back on how it works! 

Muscle Tunic Tank 

Loft is killing once again with their new arrivals for early fall, and I am LOVING this top so much! And currently they have a sale going on $50 off $125! 

You guys know by now that when it comes to skincare Colleen Rothschild is pretty much all I use and have for years now! And I am loving this new triple defense sunscreen. It goes on very thin which I love with a sunscreen but still provides lots of moisture. 

I have been eyeing this dress for a while now and they finally have it back in stock in my size! And it also comes in lots of other colors and patterns for only $36! 

Betsy Counter Stool 

If we ever replace our counter stools these are definitely the ones that I would to get! I love the white rattan wash, and they remind me so much of the ones from Serena and Lily, just way cheaper!  

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Randoms on Saturday

Hello and happy Saturday friends!! 

// We have plans this evening to go see our dear friends Wes and Kelly and their two boys! I can't tell you guys how excited I am to get to see them and hang out with them, because its been WAY too long! This picture popped up on my Facebook feed last week, and it made me tear up thinking about how little they were, especially compared to how big they are now! 

// So, I had plans to share with you guys all of my favorite amazon pantry staples, but unfortunately Reese decided last week wasn't her week to nap :/ So I made sure to add most of my favorites to my amazon store front that you can see here. But I do still plan on doing a complete post on this because I realize now how many pantry items that I do actually order from amazon that I cant find in stores and that are way cheaper on amazon! 

// Another thing that I know you guys always love to see from amazon is when I find good affordable fashion picks! So these were my top 5 sellers from last week, and I can vouch that they're all awesome, because I own everyone of them, some are just in different colors. I also update these and saved them all to my Instastories here with all sizing and fit information! 

 Color Block Swing Dress 

Casual Pocket Swing Dress 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas + My Favorite Kitchen Appliances / Gadgets

 After posting these air fryer chicken fajitas last weekend on my instastories, I had a ton of you wanting the recipe! So I decided I would share it on here as well since instastories goes away in 24 hours! And let me just say I can promise you, once you make these fajitas in the air fryer, you will never go back to making them in a pan again!! 

Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas- Recipe Via Little Sunny Kitchen 

And since the kids are finally back in school my plan is to get back on a regular cooking schedule and bring you guys lots of new healthy recipes! With that being said I have fallen in love with a few new kitchen gadgets and appliances that make cooking healthy meals a lot easier, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones with you all today! 

Simple Living Air Fryer 

This is the air fryer that has replaced the one that we currently have, but it looks identical! The only difference that I can see in the updated version is it has a few more presents and the keep warm memory control, and those things are just added bonuses! I can't recommend to you guys enough to get one of these air fryers if you don't have one yet! It's definitely my most used appliance in my house! 

Mealthy MultiPot 9-1 

This is definitely our second most used appliance, especially during the fall and winter months! You can pretty much make anything your heart desires in this bad boy, and the best part is that you are able to cook everything super fast while still keeping everything fresh and flavorful in this pot. 

Brieftons 7 Blade Spiralizer 

I finally decided to upgrade our spiralzer, and I am so excited about this one! Our blades were pretty old on ours and this new one looked easier to use and gives you a lot more options with even more blades! This one is only $26 and it has over 10,000 five star reviews! 

Whiskware Salad Dressing Shaker 

I know you've probably all seen me talking about this on my instagram stories, but it's a game changer if you like to make your own salad dressings!! 

24 Piece Glass Food Storage 

This is another item that I swear by, I promise after you get these you will toss out all of your plastic food storage and never ever look back! 

Amazon Basics 18- Piece Kitchen Set 

So this is clearly not a gadget or appliance, but these are the dishes that I bought last year, and I still absolutely love them! The quality is outstanding, and I love that the bowls are nice deep for soup! 

And below are a few things I have on my kitchen wish list that I am hoping to add to my kitchen this fall and winter!


Friday, August 13, 2021

5 On Friday

 Hello sweet friends and CHEERS to Friday!!!

ONE // 

So, we decided to move back our trip to the Columbia zoo again.  Our original plans were to take Bandit with us, but he does not do well when he is left by himself, especially in a place he's never been before.  That, combined with the fact that a lot of you let me know that they're about to start renovations on the aquarium helped me decide that it's probably best to wait until fall.  That will also give us time to find the right doggy daycare here for Bandit!  

Anywho, all of that to say, Todd and I are going to take the kids out to lunch today and then to Magnolia Plantation!  The petting zoo there is so fun, and I know Reese is going to love feeding the deer and seeing all the other cool animals they have there.  This is a picture I found of Carson and Taylor when we took them there in 2016.  I mean, look how tiny they look here...gosh, the years truly do fly by! 

TWO // 

I have been having the best luck with my Amazon fashion purchases this month.  I had two more amazing dresses that just arrived on Wednesday and I am in love with both of them!  Here is the links with sizing details, and I'll also be sharing them on my Instastories so be sure to check it out today if you want to see more of the details! 

Pocket Bell sleeve Mini Tunic Dress

I will absolutely be ordering this dress in more colors!  I love everything about it...from the material, the pockets, and the adorable sleeves!  For sizing reference, it does run big and I'm wearing a small, but could've sized down to the xs for a more tailored fit.  Added bonus, it's on special right now for $28!! 

This dress is even cuter in person and it's perfect for transitioning into fall.  I am loving the short split on the one side!  For sizing reference, this dress runs tts and I'm wearing it in the size 4-6. 

Do yourself a favor and order these shoes right now!  I swear they're not only comfortable, but look amazing on your feet and give you legs for days!  Also, they run tts and I'm wearing them in my regular size 6.5. 


I always love it when you guys share what you're reading so here's what I am currently reading! 

This is one of those books that I truly believe almost everyone needs, especially if you struggle or are currently struggling with your past, moving forward, and finding peace in your life.  Again, I cannot recommend this book enough!  

I just started this book last week at the pool and I didn't make it very far with the three kids...ha!  Either way, I can tell that once I really start reading, it's going to be one of those books I'm going to have a hard time putting down. 

I am SO SO excited about this cookbook you guys!  You all may remember that Todd and I did Whole 30 back in 2018, and although it wasn't an easy 30 days, Todd and I felt like new people at the end...mentally and physically!  So, while I'm not sure that we will follow this 100% with no cheating, we have decided to start reintroducing whole 30 recipes for lunch and dinner during the week this coming Monday!  Also, this book has me so excited and I'm thinking that with these amazing looking recipes, it's going to be even easier this time! 

FOUR  // 

I asked you guys for new show recommendations for Todd and I, and you guys definitely delivered! And a lot of you sent me dm messages asking if I would please share the shows recommended.  You guys sent me SO many, so I decided to break this down and make it a regular 5 on Friday addition until I can get through the list of the shows you all suggested!  Here were the top 3 shows that were repeatedly suggested the most. 

Yellowstone - This show may truly be our favorite show that we've ever watched!  And many of you obviously agreed as well.  They have been toying with us for too long about season 4, but I just read that it will definitely be released this fall!  So, if you haven't started this show then go right now and get started! 

The Chosen - I have heard amazing things about this show, and since it was highly recommended by all of you, Todd and I will be starting this tonight! 

Ted Lasso - This was the third most recommended, and you guys said it was hilarious and heartwarming...those together have to make a great show. 

** After Todd and I start The Chosen and Ted Lasso I will do a little recap of what we think of both shows. 

FIVE // 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Make Your Own Pizza Night

 Now that school is starting back soon, I decided to get back into my weekly meal planning.  And if you've been reading here long, then you know how much I LOVE Walmart+.  Not only am I able to order all of the fresh, high quality groceries I need for every recipe, I'm also able to order all the tools and serving pieces I may need for my recipes as well!  

The best part is when I place my order, I know that it's going to arrive the very same day with free shipping and it usually arrives within a few hours after placing my order.  I also love knowing that everything I'm ordering is coming straight from our store and it gets delivered fresh to my doorstep, which allows me the extra time to get things done around the house while soaking up the last few days of summer with my crew. 

Last weekend, we took a vote and everyone decided that it had been way too long since we had a family "make your own pizza night".  We normally use the grill, but the weather wasn't really cooperating last weekend so we decided to bake them in the oven instead.  I quickly ordered up everything we needed for our pizzas, including these non-stick crisper pizza pans and fresh organic basil.  Plus, I couldn't resist grabbing these $2 Thyme and Table snack bowls as well.  They worked perfect for holding all of our fresh pizza toppings. 

Oh, the many faces of Reese!  Can you tell she loves getting messy in the kitchen!  I am pretty sure she has much more fun making her pizza than she did eating it...ha! 

Again, I can't even being to tell you how much easier Walmart+ has made my life while also making meal planning, cooking healthy, and also making "fun" dinners for family such a breeze! 

You can shop my favorites in this post below, including all of our outfits and everything needed to make the perfect fresh pizza!

*Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post.