Saturday, March 13, 2021

Saturday Sales

 Hello friends and HAPPY Saturday! 

Todd and I are kids free until tomorrow at noon for the first time in 14 months!! And I wish I could tell you guys that we were on the beach, on a boat, or just outside enjoying this beautiful weather... but unfortunately that's not the case ha! We have SO much house work that NEEDS to be done, and today I am tackling all three kids closets and drawers, along with a huge playroom clean out! And I know that I am going to be SO much happier when I have this completed, because it's a disaster and it's been weighing on me to get it done!!! 

But anyways, I of course woke up at 6am this morning but instead of getting up with the baby I enjoyed a big cup of coffee in bed and browsed some of the latest sales! And let me tell you guys there are some really great sales going on this weekend, and so many adorable new spring arrivals included in these awesome sales!!! 

Below is a hodge podge of my favorites from a few different stores, but when you click on the items all of the sale codes will pop up on the website!


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