Saturday, March 6, 2021

Randoms On a Saturday

Hello my loves, and happy Saturday! 

I normally never post on the weekend, but I had a few things I wanted to tell y'all about, not to mention there are some AWESOME sales going on this weekend!  

First up, I asked last week if y'all would share what you guy have found to work best for hair growth! There were three things that many of you guys repeated, and swore by. So in order, these were the top three recommendations. 

Nutrafol - This was by far the number one recommended product, but man it's not cheap, and you have to take four pills a day! 

Liquid Biotin and Collagen - This product was the second most recommended, and it's the one I ordered and am planning on trying first! 

Biotin made with Coconut Oil - And last, these was also recommend by three different people. If I din't see that the liquid is doing anything, I am planning to try this one next! 

// Reese is on the GO now, and she refuses to wear shoes or socks!!! I am happy that spring is right around the corner, and I am hoping she feels different about sandals than she does regular shoes :) 

// Loft is currently having a 2 day flash sale online only! You can save 50% off of your purchase with the code SURPRISE! They have so many cute new arrivals for spring that I am loving, below are just a few of my favorites!


// Nest New York  is offering 25% off of your entire order with the code Discover at checkout! My favorite scent for spring is probably a tie between linen classic  and bamboo! And below are my other favorites that you can't go wrong with!


Forever 21 can be really hit or miss, but over the years I have found some of my favorite pieces from there. And they are currently offering 20% off with your purchase of $65 or more!  Alos, I feel like I can usually tell the good eggs from the bad ones when it comes to their clothes, so I rounded up a few of my favorites below!


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