Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Girls Easter Basket Fillers

Currently, 'give us the girls now' is winning the race on Instagram!!  And since I finally have everything ready for this post, I decided to go ahead and share it! 

Now let me just say, this collage probably isn't as pretty as the curated ones I've seen floating around the gram and Pinterest, but I do believe this has something every little girl would love to receive in their Easter basket...and also something every girls needs. #newpajamas #swimgoggles 


I've been ordering this brand of pajamas for Taylor for over two years and they are my absolute favorite! They are the perfect weight, they wash and dry well, and they're only $16!  I used to order Gap or Old Navy for the kids pjs, but these put those to shame. 

Double Pointed Markers

If you have a child that loves art like mine, then these are a no brainer, not to mention, they're also washable as well! 

This just may be my favorite thing on the girls list!  It not only gives them something to create, but it also gives them a chance to take care of something and watch it grow!! 

I searched and I found it...I saw this exact chalk set in a 4 pack at an online boutique for the same price as this 18 pack, and I'm pretty certain it's the same chalk!  The reviews are SO good on this chalk and I can picture both of the girls having so much fun with this in the driveway! 

Okay, so this is the one item on my girls list I think is worth the splurge!  And it's not even that big of a splurge at $35, but to me, it's pricy for kids dough...ha!  I searched for scented dough that had good reviews and this one blew all the other ones out of the water, and sometimes there's certain things that are worth a little extra! 

Cutest porcelain tea set complete with the most adorable bunny case ever!  But I'm on the fence about getting this one for Taylor because of Reese and it being porcelain.  If I don't order this one, I'm thinking I will go with this one that is made out of tin, which also comes with a cute little case as well. 

Hello to our new pasttime while waiting for dinner when I make the kids put all their devices away!! And this would also be fun to bring on car trips to entertain the kiddos as well! 

I love these sweet simple hair clips when Taylor is not in the mood for a bow!  Check out the photos of how cute they actually look in the hair with a cute braid or side pull back. 

No-Pull Swim Goggles

Last, but not least, the BEST and most affordable goggles you will ever purchase!!!!  Right now you can get this two pack for $16, and I promise you, you will never buy the old school goggles again!  And the adjustable snap and clip in the back is a game changer!! 

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