Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gift Guide For Baby and School Age Girls

Taylor loved her stroller so much when she was younger, and I had I known we were going to have another baby I would have saved it! But honestly Taylor pretty much pushed the wheels off of her old one, and I just Reese loves this one as much as Taylor did! Plus the price on this one is so good, and I love the color and design! 

So Taylor has now decided that she wants another kitchen, and if we didn't have little Reese I would probably try and sway her from it because I fear she will outgrow it in a year or so. But she has been playing non-stop with Reese with her little grow the fun garden to kitchen, so maybe she will be into this kitchen longer than I think! Plus, I love all the sweet details this kitchen has, the farmhouse sink and the faucet are my favorite. And I am not crazy about the background stickers that it comes with, so I am planning on ordering this peel and stick subway tile to use instead. 

I mean is this not the most adorable pretend food set ever!?!? 

This is a little more than I would normally want to spend on something like this, but when I compared it to the ones I found on amazon, I just felt like this one was much sturdier, had lots of space for everything, and honestly just prettier to look at! 

How sweet and fun is this soft flamingo rocker! I can picture Reese sitting in it now watching her newest obsession little baby bum on Netflix :) 

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