Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Top 5 Favorite Fall Soups + Kitchen Favorites

 Good morning friends and happy hump day!  I apologize for my lack of posting lately, but last week felt like such a whirlwind and this week seems to be shaping up the same.  Baby Reese hasn't been feeling well, so as you can probably guess, she hasn't been sleeping well.  Knock on wood, she is finally down for her morning nap so I wanted to pop on here real quick and share five of my tried and true favorite fall soups!  It's freezing here in Charleston so I'm not sure which one I will make, but I will definitely be one of these! 

Make sure you all check back tomorrow if you guys enjoy seeing my monthly Amazon purchases!  And it will be a big one since I'm playing catchup and sharing September and October together. 

By my post above, you guys can clearly see how much I love our cast iron pot to cook soup and chili in!  If you don't have one then I highly recommend this one.  The color we have is no longer available, but I love the navy and you just can't beat the sale price right now! 

These large ramen, soup, and salad bowls are TO DIE for!!  I read over the reviews and everyone who has them raves over them!  I mean, $34 for three large bowls cannot be beat! 

- How cool is this Champagne Bottle Opener.  I know I hate opening champagne so I would love to have one of these! 

- I am loving these kitchen towels, and besides the color I shared above, they also come in three other gorgeous colors as well! 

- It's never too early to light your favorite Christmas Candle and this one by Thymes is definitely one of my favorites, plus, it ships for free in one day! 

- Nothing makes cooking more fun than pretty gold utensils and these aren't only an amazing price, but the also have awesome reviews as well!  

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