Friday, November 6, 2020

September & October Amazon Purchases

Well hello friends and happy Friday! Better late than never right?! I know most of you guys love amazon as much as I do, and over the last two months it's pretty much the only place I've shopped... so I got quite the variety of things to share! 

Woven Throw Pillow Covers 

These throw pillows are even prettier in person, and the quality is outstanding for the $19 price tag! Also, loving these as well, and think they would look so good for a fall/winter couch update! 

OMORC Air Fryer 

I am pretty sure by know you guys have heard me RAVE enough about how amazing this air fryer is! If you have kids and like to reheat leftovers this is a MUST! 

Cropped Oversized Utility Jacket 

Love this utility jacket, it goes with so much and it's perfect for our current weather situation. 

Daily Ritual Drawstring Hoodie 

Give me all the cozy sweaters!!! This one is SO soft and it looks cute paired with leggings and also paired with jeans.  

Daily Ritual Ultra Soft Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater 

This cardigan is by the same brand and it feel like butter on! I bought it in the navy but I am pretty sure I am going to also grab it a few other colors as well! PS this one runs big so size down! 

Long Sleeve Onesie and Pants Outfit 

This sweet little outfit is one of my favorites on Reese, and it washes and dries so well too! 

4 Pack 17 Oz Insulated Water Bottles 

If you're not a Clemson fan these do come in other colors, but they are awesome water bottles and keep your water ice cold! We mainly use these with the kids to take to school everyday and for sports. 

Mens No-Show Socks 

You all know how much I love my no-show socks, so I made it a mission to find some for Todd that he would love too! Mission accomplished, as he LOVES these and wears them daily. 

Amazon Essentials Swing Tee 

Everyones favorite swing tee is back in stock! This tee is so flattering and comfy, plus it looks great layered as well. For sizing reference I have it in the small. 

Personalized Layered Initial Necklace 

This is one of the prettiest necklaces ever, and I love that you can wear the pieces alone or together to change up the look. And you guys will be blown away at the quality especially for $13!!!! 

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale 

I haven't actually set up the bluetooth on this yet, but I love the scale itself, and it gives a very accurate reading of your weight. 

Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet 

Now that Todd is working mostly from home, I ordered him this seagrass rolling file cabinet, and not only is it aesthetically pleasing it also very functional and can hold a lot of files. 

Plaid Badana Collar Set 

This has to be the cutest and one of the nicest collar sets I have ever bought, and I can't wait to get him the red plaid fro Christmas! Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention it was under $10! 

Blush Pink Rose Gold Hangers 

I feel like I am always running out of hangers, or they get lost in the mix blending in with their tan color, so last month I ordered these with the blush pink and rose gold to hopefully separate and organize some things. 

Taylor is a HUGE Ked fan through and through and I can always find her size and the best prices on amazon! 

3-Pack of Mrs. Meyers Basil Soap 

Best smelling and my just my favorite brand of soap all the way around!! 

LeapFrog Learn and Leap Table 

Sweet Reese has been LOVING her learn and leap table, and it's one of those toys that keeps her entertained and busy long enough for me to eat lunch or hop in the shower! 


  1. Could you send me the drawstring hoodie link? I think it's mixed up, and that is a CUTE top!

    1. Hey love! sorry about that, I just fixed it! xoxo