Friday, November 20, 2020

Gift Guide Under $30 Something For Everyone

I sat in bed last night trying to think about what gift guide I should share first with you guys, and one that would be helpful for a lot of you. So I decided to kick things off this year with a little something that would work for anyone and everyone on your list! Your request have been coming in like crazy this morning and I am hoping that I get the time to put together, all of the ones you guys are suggesting! Blogging has been more challenging than I had thought with a baby at home, especially considering little miss Reese isn't a big napper and is on the move now :) So thanks for being patient with me as still popping in to read, when I am able to post! 

Comfy Cozy Pajama Set 

I actually just purchased these pajamas, and oh my goodness you guys they're not only adorable, they are so soft and comfy!! I am pretty sure any lady on your list would be more happy to receive these! 

These are the diffusers that I have all around our house, and I absolutely LOVE them! I have two in this dark wood color and two in the lighter wood, and they both look great and don't stand out like a sore thumb in a room. This would make such a great gift and if you wanted to add in a box of oils, this set is my favorite and one I know almost everyone would love!  

Okay, I've heard nothing but amazing things about this brand, and lets be real who doesn't love a chocolate covered biscotti, especially ones covered in all of this goodness!

If you have someone on your list that enjoys cooking then this is the perfect gift! I can't tell you guys how many times I've used my spiralizer over the years, and I love that this new one has five different blades and a pasta tool as well! 

These slippers are not only very pretty, they're also super soft and fluffy and have awesome reviews! This would be such a great gift to give, especially since most of us are spending lots of time at home these days! And if you wanted to add something I think putting these in this adorable basket with this popcorn set, and you favorite bottle of wine would truly make the best gift ever! And for the men, I love these slippers! 

Embossed Coffee And Tea Mug Set 

How gorgeous are these mugs, and I can't get over how good the price is! This would also be a really fun gift to put in this basket, along with these fun coffee toppers

Pictionary Air Kids v/s Grownups 

This has got to be one of the coolest games I've ever seen, and it's perfect for kids of all ages! I ordered one of these for Carson and Taylor and I can't wait to play this with them! 

5 Unique BBQ Rubs 

This is perfect for any guy in your life that loves to grill! These would be really fun to gift with this grilling basket! 

Monday, November 16, 2020

Seven On Monday Cozy Sweaters Under $50

Good morning and happy Monday friends!! I think I've decided to make seven on Monday a new things around here! For one you guys seemed to like this last week, and for two I can't seem to stay awake past 9pm these days ha! 

And since we FINALLY have sweater weather here in Charleston and it appears it's here to stay, I wanted to share with you all 7 gorgeous cozy sweaters that are all under $50!! 

This sweater looks so cozy you could sleep in it! And it would look super cute dressed up with this fun necklace and these black jeans as well! 

 Plaid Side Split Loose Sweater 

Loving this plaid design, and the fact it also comes in 8 other colors! 

This cardigan is so fun and would go with just about anything! 

This is one of my favorites and I love how cowl neck buttons lower so it's not all up close around your neck! 

Good Threads Boatneck Sweater 

I love this brand so much they always make the best quality sweaters and tops, and their prices can't be beat! 

Puff Sleeve Ribbed Sweater 

Loving the color, the puff shoulders and sleeves, and the length of this one, it's perfect for the front tuck look! 

Knit Turtleneck Sweater 

I have a feeling this is one that I would never take off, and this green is so pretty for the holidays! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Affordable Holiday Home Decor

TGIF friends!!!  Have you guys already started to decorate for Christmas yet or are you waiting until after Thanksgiving?  We may pull a few things out this weekend, but I think we're going to wait until after Thanksgiving to bring our Christmas tree out. 

And if you're looking to add anything to your holiday decor this year, I rounded up some of the prettiest Christmas necessities that are also super affordable! 

Cable Knit Pom Pom Stocking 

We have two cable knit stockings that I added in with my beloved channel quilted stockings last year and I loved the way the mixed textures looked together!  These look almost identical to the ones I have, but are only $20 and they have amazing reviews! 

I love the look of this wreath so much and I think it would look gorgeous on the front door!  Also, if you have windows in the front of your house, a few of these hung with this ribbon would be stunning! 

Christmas Tree Card Holder

How cute would this be in your kitchen or maybe even your living room to display all the pretty holiday cards that you receive!? 

9ft Dunhill Fir Tree

I know I shared one of my favorite faux Christmas trees earlier this week, but many of you asked if I found a good affordable fake tree that was 9ft instead of 7ft!  This one looks so real and full, has amazing reviews, and is currently on sale for almost 50% off. 

Stocking Holder Scrolls

I love these stocking holders and can speak from experience that they hold up your stockings even when completely full!  I really love the simple sleek look of these so they don't take away from your stocking or other mantle decorations! 

We have these exact ones on our mantel, but we have them in the oil rubbed bronze color!  They didn't have the gold when I ordered ours, but the price is so good on these I am going to order them in the gold for this year! 

These would look so beautiful on your front by on each side of your front door. Or it would also be super cute to put in your kids room, with these adorable small ornaments! 

I also love the look of using either this solid gold paper or this subtle gold and natural paper and adding in these natural pine springs  and satin ribbon

Shatter Proof Woodland Ornaments 

I love the classic look of red and gold ornaments all mixed together on our tree, and this set is so pretty and such a great price! 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Seven on Monday

 Okay, so I know I normally do my 'Seven on Sunday' and share them on Instagram, but I fell asleep on the couch with Todd and the kids watching My Girl last night.  In my opinion, My Girl will forever be one of the best movies of all time.  It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so watching it with Carson and Taylor last night was really special.  I only missed the last ten minutes of it btw, but when I got off the couch I was so tired I went straight to bed. 

That being said, here's what would've been my Seven on Sunday!  I am hoping you guys may like it better with me sharing it on my blog so if you see something you like you can grab it at a different time! 

Feel Real Pre-Lit Artificial 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine

Run, don't walk and grab this tree you guys!  It's currently 48% off on a limited time deal, and you guys, it's a steal!!  Not to mention, it has a 5 stars with over $1,200 reviews.  Also, if the frasier fur look is more what you like, the I highly recommend this one, which is also on major sale! 

Plaid Matching Family Pajamas

It's never too early to grab your family matching pjs for the holidays, because as most of you probably know, sizes always seem to go fast.  I love these because I feel like they can be worn all winter long, plus, they have amazing reviews.  Oh yeah, and they make a pair to fit all of the members of our family...even Bandit :)  

Okay you guys, could this sweater be any more stunning!?!  I am pretty sure this is going to be one of those sweaters I'm going to need in every color, and being that's it's only $35, I may just have to make that happen! 

I love a good, snuggly pullover for the fall and winter, and I especially love the plaid details around the collar and sleeves on this one!  Added bonus, this one is under $30! 

We have this set, which is by the same brand as this one.  But for only seven more dollars, I really like this one with more room to write Santa a note, along with the cutest little cookie cutters! 

If you guys don't own a set of linen sheets, then you need to change that asap!  These are currently on sale, have spectacular reviews, and would make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else. 

Swing Bed With Rope

I've been in love with the swing bed on the porch look for a LONG time now, but all the ones I've seen before are SO expensive!  That being said, I was really excited when I came across this one and saw the price tag!  Make sure you check out the customer pictures on the reviews...I mean, it's so gorgeous! 

Friday, November 6, 2020

September & October Amazon Purchases

Well hello friends and happy Friday! Better late than never right?! I know most of you guys love amazon as much as I do, and over the last two months it's pretty much the only place I've shopped... so I got quite the variety of things to share! 

Woven Throw Pillow Covers 

These throw pillows are even prettier in person, and the quality is outstanding for the $19 price tag! Also, loving these as well, and think they would look so good for a fall/winter couch update! 

OMORC Air Fryer 

I am pretty sure by know you guys have heard me RAVE enough about how amazing this air fryer is! If you have kids and like to reheat leftovers this is a MUST! 

Cropped Oversized Utility Jacket 

Love this utility jacket, it goes with so much and it's perfect for our current weather situation. 

Daily Ritual Drawstring Hoodie 

Give me all the cozy sweaters!!! This one is SO soft and it looks cute paired with leggings and also paired with jeans.  

Daily Ritual Ultra Soft Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater 

This cardigan is by the same brand and it feel like butter on! I bought it in the navy but I am pretty sure I am going to also grab it a few other colors as well! PS this one runs big so size down! 

Long Sleeve Onesie and Pants Outfit 

This sweet little outfit is one of my favorites on Reese, and it washes and dries so well too! 

4 Pack 17 Oz Insulated Water Bottles 

If you're not a Clemson fan these do come in other colors, but they are awesome water bottles and keep your water ice cold! We mainly use these with the kids to take to school everyday and for sports. 

Mens No-Show Socks 

You all know how much I love my no-show socks, so I made it a mission to find some for Todd that he would love too! Mission accomplished, as he LOVES these and wears them daily. 

Amazon Essentials Swing Tee 

Everyones favorite swing tee is back in stock! This tee is so flattering and comfy, plus it looks great layered as well. For sizing reference I have it in the small. 

Personalized Layered Initial Necklace 

This is one of the prettiest necklaces ever, and I love that you can wear the pieces alone or together to change up the look. And you guys will be blown away at the quality especially for $13!!!! 

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale 

I haven't actually set up the bluetooth on this yet, but I love the scale itself, and it gives a very accurate reading of your weight. 

Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet 

Now that Todd is working mostly from home, I ordered him this seagrass rolling file cabinet, and not only is it aesthetically pleasing it also very functional and can hold a lot of files. 

Plaid Badana Collar Set 

This has to be the cutest and one of the nicest collar sets I have ever bought, and I can't wait to get him the red plaid fro Christmas! Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention it was under $10! 

Blush Pink Rose Gold Hangers 

I feel like I am always running out of hangers, or they get lost in the mix blending in with their tan color, so last month I ordered these with the blush pink and rose gold to hopefully separate and organize some things. 

Taylor is a HUGE Ked fan through and through and I can always find her size and the best prices on amazon! 

3-Pack of Mrs. Meyers Basil Soap 

Best smelling and my just my favorite brand of soap all the way around!! 

LeapFrog Learn and Leap Table 

Sweet Reese has been LOVING her learn and leap table, and it's one of those toys that keeps her entertained and busy long enough for me to eat lunch or hop in the shower! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Top 5 Favorite Fall Soups + Kitchen Favorites

 Good morning friends and happy hump day!  I apologize for my lack of posting lately, but last week felt like such a whirlwind and this week seems to be shaping up the same.  Baby Reese hasn't been feeling well, so as you can probably guess, she hasn't been sleeping well.  Knock on wood, she is finally down for her morning nap so I wanted to pop on here real quick and share five of my tried and true favorite fall soups!  It's freezing here in Charleston so I'm not sure which one I will make, but I will definitely be one of these! 

Make sure you all check back tomorrow if you guys enjoy seeing my monthly Amazon purchases!  And it will be a big one since I'm playing catchup and sharing September and October together. 

By my post above, you guys can clearly see how much I love our cast iron pot to cook soup and chili in!  If you don't have one then I highly recommend this one.  The color we have is no longer available, but I love the navy and you just can't beat the sale price right now! 

These large ramen, soup, and salad bowls are TO DIE for!!  I read over the reviews and everyone who has them raves over them!  I mean, $34 for three large bowls cannot be beat! 

- How cool is this Champagne Bottle Opener.  I know I hate opening champagne so I would love to have one of these! 

- I am loving these kitchen towels, and besides the color I shared above, they also come in three other gorgeous colors as well! 

- It's never too early to light your favorite Christmas Candle and this one by Thymes is definitely one of my favorites, plus, it ships for free in one day! 

- Nothing makes cooking more fun than pretty gold utensils and these aren't only an amazing price, but the also have awesome reviews as well!