Friday, October 23, 2020

5 on Friday


ONE // 

Last Sunday, my sister-in-law brought the crew down and spent the day with us!  As you can tell, our three were very happy about this! 

I so wish that they lived closer so we could see each other all the time! 

TWO // 

This week has been one of those know, the ones where you're already in your pajamas and pouring a nice glass of wine everyday before the sun even goes down.  And speaking of pajamas, these are so lightweight and super soft.  I highly recommend them. 

Two Piece Pajama Set  // Similar Slippers (same brand just new style) //


I was quite proud of the arrangements I made last week, using flowers and shrubs from our garden and flower beds.  And thanks for all the recommendations on what to do about the mold that is starting to take over all of the leaves on our flowers.  Neem oil was recommended the most so I'm going to give it a try and I'll report back! 

FOUR // 

I ordered these gorgeous pieces last week from Amazon, but unfortunately, it's been too hot here this week to wear them :(  I'll plan on sharing them in a try-on later today or tomorrow just in case you're getting cooler temps where you're at. 

Oversized Irregular Hem Sweater

FIVE // 

These quotes really hit home with me this week.  I've been feeling a bit down / frustrated that Todd and I haven't been able to go anywhere alone since Reese was born, much less fit in a solo date night.  I know we'll eventually get that chance, and that right now we are both exactly where we're supposed to be. 

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