Thursday, October 15, 2020

Walmart+ - A Busy Mom's Dream Come True

 If you haven't heard of Walmart+ then allow me to introduce you to what will become your new best friend!!  I am just kidding...well kind of, because it has definitely been a game changer for me!

Walmart+ is a different kind of membership that allows you to get everything you need delivered right to your doorstep.  And with the craziness of this year, a new baby, a new puppy, and working from home this is going to make my life SO much easier!  I am so excited about showing you just a few ways Walmart+ has saved this mama big time. 

Example One:  Teething baby and tired mama!  In the middle of the night last week, when this little stink bug got up four times I was out of teething tablets and all infant fever reducers. Well, at 2am I was able to place an online order for all my life saving teething essentials using my free unlimited delivery benefit (orders $35+, restrictions apply) and they were delivered to my door the next day by mid-morning!     

And don't let the fact that I have my hair fixed fool you...that's all dry shampoo and I didn't take these sweats off until the next day.

Example Two:  When it's my week to bring the treats for my older kids who have flag football or cheerleading.  As mentioned above, baby Reese was up four times in the middle of the night, and then the other nights she was still up at least once even with the help of an infant pain reliever and teething tablets! By the time the end of the week rolled around the last thing I felt like doing was loading the baby up in the car to go get treats. So during her nap time I was able to browse Walmart and I found the cutest Halloween treats and adorable little Halloween bags

Here's the deal as far as everything you need to know about how Walmart+ works and why it's such a good membership to have to save you time and money! 

* For only $12.95 a month or $98 a year, you can receive free unlimited delivery (your order must be $35 and some restriction may apply).  You can also get as soon as same day delivery on groceries (Walmart always has our kids favorite snacks) medications, school supplies, beauty, and pet supplies

* You also get member prices on fuel, so you will save 5 cents per gallon at Walmart and Murphey gas stations.

* Access to mobile scan & go, allows you to scan prices in store and checkout using Walmart Pay! 

Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Best of Prime Day 2020

Hello friends, and happy happy AMAZON PRIME DAY!!  This is hands down my favorite sale of the year and there are some AMAZING deals this year!! 

I decided to start off with fashion, and I've only included my tried and true favorite brands.  I already own just about everything below so I can tell you that the quality is great and the fit is tts! 

I will also be adding some lighting deals as they come throughout the day, and also saving all my favorite deals for kids along with home and garden here

Regular $ $31!

Regular $ $37!

Regular $ $11! 

Regular $ $24!

Regular $ $20! 

Regular $ $28!

Regular $ $23! 

iRoomba Robot

Regular $ $199!

All New Fire HD Kids Edition

Regular $ $79!

Toshiba 43 Inch 4k Fire Edition

Regular $ $209! 

Regular $ $109! 

Cordless Pet Hair and Car Vacuum

Regular $ $20!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Early Prime Day Deals

If you are even half as obsessed as I am with Amazon prime then I'm sure you know that PRIME DAY officially starts Tuesday, October 13th!  They decided to release a few deals early this year so I thought I would share my favorites with you guys!  I love that they are doing this, because Prime Day can be so overwhelming and I feel like I miss a lot of deals because there are so many!  Along with early fashion deals, they've also included some really good electronic and smart home deals as well this year! 

Button Down Satin Pajama Set

Loving these gorgeous satin pajamas, and not only are the reviews great but the sale price is so good on these! 

Hannah Anderson Organic Short Sleeve Romper 

I love anything Hannah Anderson, everything they make is so soft and great quality! With these there is a code that you click a checkout to save you 30% off! And I love these pajamas which are also 30% for my older kiddos!

Core 10 High Waist Workout Legging

I've talked about these leggings so much that I'm pretty sure you all know that they are amazing!!  And right now on select colors, you can snag them for $17!!!!  This pretty blue is part of the early deal and I am really loving it for fall! 

Amazon Essentials Tall Rain Boot

I pretty much love everything this brand makes and the reviews on the rainbows are awesome.  They remind me of my Hunter boots, but they're about 75% cheaper! 

Spotted Sebra Peplum Sweater

I ordered this on Wednesday for Taylor and it arrived yesterday!  You guys, it's even cuter in person, plus, it's nice and thick while still really soft! 

Daily Ritual Cozy Knit 3/4 Tunic

This brand is my absolute favorite when it comes to basic tops and sweaters.  Not only do they wash and dry well with minimal wrinkling, they're also super comfortable! 

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum

You guys know how I love my iRobot Roomba, but sadly, it's not on sale.  After reading the reviews on this Shark vacuum, it's sounds just as good and you can't beat the $149 price tag! 

TCL 50 Inch Flat Screen

We have this exact tv in our bedroom, and I cannot say enough great things about it!!  We've had it for almost four years now and we've never once had a problem with it. 

Smart Plug Wifi Outlet

First off, the deal on these is amazing right now.  They are normally $50 for this set, but right now, they are only $26!  Secondly, after reading the perfect 5 star reviews, I think I may order two packs!  I can't tell you how many times that we have headed out somewhere only to have to turn around because I couldn't remember if I turned everything off.  I have a feeling these are going to be a lifesaver around our house! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wish List Wednesday

Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Sweater

This was hands down everyone's favorite sweater last year so I was so happy to see them bring it back this year in all the same neutral colors and this stunning new blue!  Make sure you size down in this one though, it runs really big!  You can see the ivory color on me here.


Nest Holiday Box Set

I know some of you guys may think I'm crazy for already wanting Christmas candles, but when they put these online in the set they sell out so FAST!!!  Not only does this set have the most amazing holiday scents, it's the only way to get them at this awesome price!

Okay, I know you guys have heard me rant and rave over this brand of leggings 100 times, but you're about to hear it a lot more because they released several new colors and prints for fall.  I have the Lululemon leggings and I can honestly say I prefer these much more, and not just because they cost half the price, but they have held up better and they also wash / dry without pilling.

Not only are these pajamas super cute, they are SO soft as well!  I felt them while I was shopping in the store the other day, and I was shocked at the quality and the cuteness!  Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in the store so I'm going to order them online. 

This is on my Christmas/birthday wish list.  We use our iRobot vacuum everyday and I love it SO much so I am thinking this little baby will be the icing on the cake for having clean, sparkling floors! 

Todd and I have really been into red wine lately, and while I love our big red balloon wine glasses, I feel like I always end up pouring a little too much...ha!  That being said, when I saw these I fell in love with the gorgeous shape of these glasses and once I saw the awesome price I just had to get them. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

This and That

// Our little Tay bean had her first cheerleading game last Saturday!  I never thought Taylor would want to cheer, but she's doing so good and loving it! 

// Our living room is a complete disaster 90% of time and covered in plastic toys everywhere.  With Carson and Taylor, this would have driven me completely nuts, but I'm much more laid back about everything with baby number three.  Plus, Reese is not the biggest fan of naps and constantly likes to be on the go playing and crawling around.  Currently, her favorite toys are her the Leap Frog learn and groove musical table, V-Tech learn and discover party tea set, and the laugh and learn color magic mixing bowl.

// If you guys do not own an air fryer, stop what you are doing and go order THIS ONE right now!  You guys, I am embarrassed to tell you how many times we used it last week, but let's just say we are obsessed!  My favorite thing so far has been this easy brussels sprout air fryer recipe.  If you are a fan of brussels sprouts, then these are going to rock your world and this recipe is actually super healthy! 


// I have two organization projects I am working on this week.  The first and the biggest one is our medicine cabinet.  It's one of those spaces that I placed in the wrong cabinet and never got around to organizing.  I've ordered a few acrylic organizers and four of these woven baskets.

My other project is Taylor's drawers and closet.  She has outgrown so many of clothes so I need to go through all of them, donate what doesn't fit, and clean up / organize the rest.  I ordered a few more of these clear draw dividers for her room and this adorable cat basket for more storage. 

Cotton Rope Cat Storage Bin

Friday, October 2, 2020

5 on Friday

 Cheers to Friday, friends! 

ONE // 

Last weekend, we headed back home and spent the weekend at my in-laws cabin on the farm.  It's always so peaceful out there and the kids have such a good time. 

I was so excited about this picture, and I could not believe I got everyone looking and smiling at the camera on the third picture! 

On Sunday evening, my brother and his kids came out to fish and have dinner with us. 

Nothing makes Carson and Taylor happier than spending time with their cousins! 

Carson ended up catching four or five bass and Taylor had to help him get the one in this picture to the dock with the net because it was so strong!  Carson was so proud of her and kept telling her how awesome it was that she had helped contribute to the catch.  As you can imagine, this made her day. 

One tired mama and all my sweet babies!  And for those that asked, you can find my $18 overall's here.  They are the most comfortable things ever! 

TWO //

Unlike years in the past, I decided to keep our porch Halloween decorations a little more minimal.  I do think I'm going to pull out the witches this weekend for the kids, but I am loving the look of the real pumpkins going up our steps instead of the fake, stacked ones that I usually pull out. 

On stories yesterday, I shared how I always use indoor pillows for our outdoor decor, and thanks to this product right here they still look brand new!  I swear by this stuff, and you can't beat four pillow covers for under $15!  You can find my exact buffalo plaid ones here for $13 for a set of four.

Speaking of pumpkins, can you guys believe how big these are!?!  And for those that are wondering, we found all of these at our local Publix and the extra large ones were only $14!!

PS - Todd was right beside Reese in this photo just in case she decided to try and jump / crawl down the steps :) 


 I have a really fun fall Amazon haul coming next week, but I wanted to share a few pieces that I'm absolutely loving that came in earlier this week. 

FOUR // 

Tea Collection just started their HUGE end of season clearance sale, and oh my goodness, I grabbed some of the cutest outfits for the girls at AMAZING prices!! 

Embroidered Romper

Regular $45, now $18!

Embroidered High Low Dress Set

Regular $69, now $25!  I got Taylor this $18 blue midi dress to match! 

Regular $69, now $25!  I ordered Reese this adorable baby dress in the matching print. 

Long Sleeve Pajamas

Regular $45, now $18!

Regular $59, now $18!

Regular $35, now $10!
Favorite quotes of the week!