Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Designer Orchid Hack + Favorite Budget Bowls and Planters

There's nothing prettier than a big, gorgeous orchid in your kitchen or dining room for the perfect centerpiece, but man, those bad boys are expensive if you buy them from a nursery or even online.  That being said, I decided to try and put one of my grocery store bought orchids into a bigger clear vase and also include some extra potting mix and some pretty green moss just like the ones I've seen at the local plant nurseries. 

 I was pretty impressed with my results and you all mentioned that you were interested in what all I used so I included everything you need to create this designer orchid look for under $50 below! 

Better Gro Orchid Mix // Fresh Green Forest Moss // Clear Cylinder Shaped Vase

And if you wanted to step outside the box and use something with more character than a clear vase, these pots and bowls also look stunning with orchids.  I found the best orchids at Trader Joe's, Publix, and occasionally Home Depot.  And if you can't find an orchid that is as big or wide as you would like, you can always add two smaller which looks gorgeous as well. 

Here are my budgets picks on pots and bowls to create similar looks to the looks above. 

Being that we're on the subject of flowers and planters, shown below are some of my absolute favorite planters for around the house.  I love to give these as gifts with my favorite plant and also use these around my  kitchen to hold my favorite herbs! 

Large White and Gold Planter Pot

Set of Two Ceramic Planters

Set of Two White Ceramic Planters

Set of Three Blue and White Pots

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I just took a faux orchid out of an ugly pot and "replanted" in a clam shell bowl. Maybe I should try using some real orchids instead.