Friday, September 25, 2020

5 on Friday


ONE // 

This past week, Todd and I decided to try to eat a little healthier and we ended up making salads everyday for lunch.  This grilled bbq chicken salad ended up being our favorite so I wanted to share the recipe with you guys. 

BBQ Grilled Chicken Salad - Recipe Via A Mind Full Mom 

I also wanted to add that her homemade ranch is SO easy and amazing.  I highly recommend getting this glass salad dressing shaker with a blenderball!  It's a total game changer if you like to make homemade dressings. 

TWO // 

I have no idea what Halloween will be like for the kids this year, but I definitely want to let them dress up either way.  We've been looking online for costumes and these have been our favorites so far.  And please, someone with a newborn do this wrapped subway costume...haha!  Oh yeah, I also ordered these matching Halloween pjs for the kids...I mean, how cute are they!?!?

Click here to shop any of the costumes along with more of our Halloween favorites below! 


I finally bit the bullet and ordered an air fryer yesterday!  I did a poll a while back on Instagram and about 90% of you guys said you loved yours, so I went on a major hunt for the best one.  After hours of reading reviews while also comparing sizes and prices, I decided on this one.  There's also a $30 off coupon right now as well.  I'm not sure how much longer that will last so I would grab one now if you've been considering one of these! 

6 qt Habor Air Fryer

FOUR // 

If you have a little one that is just learning to eat, then I highly recommend these self feed baby utensils!!  Reese pretty much skipped baby food and moved straight to eating whatever we eat.  She will still have a little squirty or baby yogurt from time to time, but for the most part, we just mash or finely chop up whatever we are eating and she uses these to help her get the food into her mouth.  I have so many cool and helpful baby items I want to share with you guys and tell y'all about, but finding the time these days seems almost impossible to me.  Either way, I usually try to make sure I save them to my Amazon kids and baby favorites so you always check that out until I can get around to doing a big post on everything! 

FIVE // 

These quotes below have really been helping me lately.  If I'm being honest, I have been in a negative funk with myself the last month or so.  I promise, when I have more time to sit and write I will share more, but right now with Reese home 24-7 and her not being the best napper, I just can't fit it in!  If any of you are feeling the same way, maybe these quotes will help give you a new perspective like they've done for me. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

5 on Friday

 Good morning friends, and happy happy FRIDAY!!! 

ONE // 

Reese had her first bath in the sink, and oh my goodness, it was seriously the cutest thing ever!  This is probably going to sound kind of strange, but I've always envisioned washing our little baby in a big farmhouse sink.  When we moved into this house, I was pretty sure that ship had sailed so I never thought I would get to do this.  Anyway, it made my heart smile watching her splash and laugh the other night.  And for those of you that have any questions about our kitchen, here are all of the sources.

TWO // 

I started back at the gym this week, and I'm not going to lie, it has been HARD!!  I feel like I have such a long way to go to get back to my comfortable weight, plus, my endurance isn't near what it used to be. 

I keep trying to remind myself that I've done it before and I can do it again.  This is what I'm going to use as my motivation, because if I'm being honest, I am almost the same weight now as I was here in the before photo...yikes!  I know this is something I have to do for my mental and physical health, but now with three kids and covid-19 still in full force, I am going to have to change my "how I did it" a little...or maybe a lot.  I am thinking it may take me a little longer than four months this time, but I'm excited to get started and I'll definitely be documenting my weight loss journey again this time with you guys! 


Todd and I have both been working really hard on the front and backyard.  It is looking so good and making us both want to spend more time outside.  We have a few more things in mind that we are wanting to do, so this month's plans are to paint the back deck, the kids swingset, and build Taylor and Reese a playhouse.  And this time, Todd and I are going to purchase one of the cheaper ones online and give it a complete makeover...stay tuned because I am so excited for us to do this together and I can't wait to show y'all how it turns out! 

Below are the three playhouses we are debating between....

FOUR // 

We are finally getting some fall weather this weekend here in Charleston and I am so excited!!!  I searched the web and found some gorgeous and super affordable cozy fall sweaters the last two nights! Number one and number five are actually waiting in my cart right now :) 

Oversized Wrap Cardigan Sweater

Color Block Oversized Sweater

Asymmetric Swingy Sweater

Ruffled Ribbed Sweater

FIVE // 

This quote popped up on my Pinterest last week, and I thought it was such a good one.  The world is full of so many unknowns right now and so many things are just completely out of our control, so this is something I am trying to remind myself of on a daily basis.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Designer Orchid Hack + Favorite Budget Bowls and Planters

There's nothing prettier than a big, gorgeous orchid in your kitchen or dining room for the perfect centerpiece, but man, those bad boys are expensive if you buy them from a nursery or even online.  That being said, I decided to try and put one of my grocery store bought orchids into a bigger clear vase and also include some extra potting mix and some pretty green moss just like the ones I've seen at the local plant nurseries. 

 I was pretty impressed with my results and you all mentioned that you were interested in what all I used so I included everything you need to create this designer orchid look for under $50 below! 

Better Gro Orchid Mix // Fresh Green Forest Moss // Clear Cylinder Shaped Vase

And if you wanted to step outside the box and use something with more character than a clear vase, these pots and bowls also look stunning with orchids.  I found the best orchids at Trader Joe's, Publix, and occasionally Home Depot.  And if you can't find an orchid that is as big or wide as you would like, you can always add two smaller which looks gorgeous as well. 

Here are my budgets picks on pots and bowls to create similar looks to the looks above. 

Being that we're on the subject of flowers and planters, shown below are some of my absolute favorite planters for around the house.  I love to give these as gifts with my favorite plant and also use these around my  kitchen to hold my favorite herbs! 

Large White and Gold Planter Pot

Set of Two Ceramic Planters

Set of Two White Ceramic Planters

Set of Three Blue and White Pots

Monday, September 14, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips + Sale Favorites

Good morning friends and HAPPY Monday!!!  For all of my Lilly Pulitzer fans, today is a GOOD day!!  This is one Monday that I can actually say I enjoy waking up to, and I am so excited to hopefully snag some good stuff for both of my girls, my boys, and myself!! 

Also, if you are new here or new shopping the Lilly Pulitzer sale, here's a little information along with a few tips to make your experience run smoother! 

Here are a few tips below to help make things run a little smoother!! 

ONE // If you don't already have an account, set one up NOW!! You can do that right here!

TWO // The sale is running for two days this time so if you want an item don't waste any time...grab it fast!! The start time is today at 8am and it will end Tuesday at midnight. 

THREE // Shipping is FREE for orders over $25! If your order is under $25 shipping will be $5!

FOUR // For a little more help with sizing, I highly recommend using the Lilly True Fit guide to help you decide.  I also share sizing on the dresses I own and have tried on as well. 

FIVE // Lilly will be using their virtual line again this year.  The lines have moved super fast during the last two sales, but if possible, I would have two types of technology ready.  I usually have my laptop and my phone ready so I can be in two virtual lines. 

And I'll be back later this morning to share with you ladies all of my favorites from the sale along with size and fit information!! 

I just ordered this swimsuit for Taylor and Reese for next year!! 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

10 Budget Beauty and Drugstore Makeup Finds

Good morning friends and happy Thursday!  I have been dying to sit down and write this post for a while now, but finding the time to actually sit for five seconds, much less write a blogpost with three kids and a puppy just isn't happening these days...haha! 

Either way, the kiddos left for school and baby Reese is down for her morning nap, so I'm going to tell y'all all about the awesome drugstore and a few Amazon beauty products that I discovered this summer. 

L'oreal Voluminous Mascara and Primer

I have tried TONS of different mascaras over the years and this is by far the best drugstore brand ever! The primer is amazing used along with the gives you full / thick lashes without looking clumpy at all.  

Eye Makeup Remover

This is another gem I found last year and since then I haven't used another brand.  I used to use the Clinique take the day off, but this one works just as good and is only $4 compared to $20! 

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Y'all, this stuff is amazing!!!  It goes on like butter and makes your skin look smooth and flawless.  I got the medium natural beige for summer, but definitely need to go lighter for fall and winter so I just ordered the light creamy natural

Revlon Anti Pollution Setting Powder - Color 002 

If you have oily skin then this setting powder is a must!  It's very lightweight and doesn't leave any kind of chalky look behind.  If I want fuller coverage I will still use my bareMinerals powder and then set it with this, but if I'm just heading to the pool or hanging around the house I'll use this over the matte mouse foundation. 

Revlon Powder Blush - 020 Ravishing Rose 

I am pretty picky when it comes to blush and before discovering this one I never had any luck with drugstore brands.  But for one this color is gorgeous, two it actually shows up, and three it goes on super smooth.  It reminds me a lot of the Bobbi Brown blush, but a fraction of the cost.  And I also just ordered the color hot cheeks for fall...I'll be sure to let you guys know how it looks when it arrives! 

Oh my goodness you guys, this lipstick is gorgeous.  It's the perfect mix between an actual lipstick and a gloss, plus, there are SO many gorgeous colors to choose from.  For fall, I am loving the pink coral and the glass ruby.  And best part, it's on sale right now for $6.95.  I mean, you can't beat that! 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

This is the perfect lightweight concealer.  I've been using it under my eyes all summer and to cover any little blemishes.  Plus, I love the soft spongy applicator it has for application. 

L'oreal True Match Lumi Bronze It

If you've been looking for a good bronzer then order this one now!  It truly gives you the perfect light summer glow without looking too dark or orange.  This is such a good one that I think I'll be able to apply it lighter and use it during the fall and winter as well. 

Revlon High Shine Lipgloss - 210 Pinkissimo 

I always love to have a good gloss handy in my purse, and not only is this color gorgeous and on sale for $4, but this gloss stays on and it's not sticky at all.  I'll be grabbing the Rosy Future and the Blissed Out for fall. 

                              Vichy Thermal Rich Moisturizer

This moisturizer is AMAZING you guys!!  It's thick without feeling heavy or greasy and a little goes a long way.  It's also on sale today for $23, and with it's five star reviews, I have a feeling it will sell out pretty fast.