Wednesday, July 1, 2020

2020 Beach and Pool Favorites

Happy hump day, friends! Only one more day ahead until Friday and I cannot wait!  We are heading out Friday morning to go spend the weekend with my brother and his family in Myrtle Beach.  We usually stay for a week, but with everything going on this year we decided to make it a weekend trip.  Either way, I am so excited to see my sweet nieces and nephews, and so our my kiddos! 

I decided to start making a mental list of what I needed to pack for our trip this morning and it hit me that I hadn't shared my current beach and pool favorites for this year.  I know this post is always a big hit, and since most of these items will be coming with us on this trip, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my favorites with y'all! 

Homitt 30 Can Soft Cooler (aka the cheaper Yeti) 

I purchased this cooler for Todd about two years ago and we have used it SO much since then!  Even though we have never personally owned a Yeti, we have a lot of friends that own one and we've brought this bag on trips where they have had their Yeti's. When we've compared the two together, they are almost identical with space, keeping things cold, and quality. 

We bought this earlier this summer and it's perfect for the beach!  It's easy to put up and take down, and it's perfect for providing shade for the kids to eat or for the baby to nap. 

Okay, I know I've talked about these towels a few times before, but we LOVE them so much and they just came out with these fun new colors so I thought I would share them again. 

Okay, this little baby gadget is officially our favorite product yet!  We love it so much that we keep it up inside all of the time.  This is actually what Reese is currently in right now as I'm typing this.  She loves to play on it and also bite on the book and the log...ha! 

I don't have this exact bag, but I have one very similar and it's so nice to take on quick road trips to store all the kids stuff in.  It would also be perfect for a picnic or maybe even grocery shopping. 

My parents have these floating lights in their pool and the grandkids LOVE them.  Oh man, I so wish we had a pool in our backyard! 

This is another item that is PERFECT for the pool.  This float looks so comfortable and I love that you can sit up in it or lay back and lounge so you can get a better tan! 


  1. Could you please relink the pool float? Thanks!

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