Monday, December 9, 2019

Kids Holiday Gift Guide (Ages 0-6)

Good morning friends and happy Monday!!! 

I am so excited to share today's second kids holiday gift guide!  This one is all about the babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers!  I am not going to lie, I could have featured about 20 more things I found for this age that are so fun and so darn cute, but I decided I needed to cut it off somewhere so I don't overwhelm you guys.  That being said, I decided to include my top 10 favorites. 

I am pretty sure that both of our kids would still enjoy this now, but I know they would have really LOVED this a few years ago.  And how cute would this be to have set up Christmas morning with this precious campfire set and these cute sleeping bags.

This stroller looks so much like the one at PBK, and not only is it half the price, but the reviews are much better!  I love that it's multi-functional and can also be used as a carrycot for her dolls.  

I can remember so clearly how much Taylor and Carson loved Baby Einstein as babies and toddlers, and I know they would have both loved and played with this cute little wooden piano. 

I mean, how sweet are these little plush toy rattles?!  I love that they come in their own little plush basket.  I can just see the new baby loving these and really getting into taking them in and out of the little basket. 

Our little white kitchen that both kiddos loved and played with all the time was by this brand so I can vouch that it's a good one quality wise.  Besides the good quality, this is seriously the most adorable kitchen set I've ever seen and right now it's on sale...the price is SO good! 

This cooking set is also possibly the cutest set I have ever seen, not to mention, it all looks so real! If our kids were getting a kitchen along with the cooking set this year, I would also grab this fast food set, this smoothy blender, and this toaster set

Taylor got this dollhouse last year for Christmas and it is hands down the sweetest little doll house ever!  Also, the size is perfect and the roof opens for even more space to store all the fun doll house accessories.  This huge $30 wooden bundle set of furniture is what we have in our house.  It filled almost every room and has held up great!! 

I just ordered this for baby girl because Todd and I decided we wanted to have a few things that Santa left for her as well.  Partly because we both thinks there's a chance she may come before Christmas, and also because we just can't help ourselves...ha!  I just love the sweet pastel colors on these stacking rings and all the amazing toys at Crate and Barrel are 30% off today only! 

This is another gift that will be from Santa to our baby girl.  I cannot get over how gorgeous this baby activity mat is, not to mention, it's full of secret surprises to stimulate and entertain your baby. 

Carson and Taylor both loved puzzles like these when they were smaller, and not only are they all precious, but the price for all six is SO good! 

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