Friday, October 11, 2019

Five on Friday

ONE // 

Todd and I have a date night tonight and I am pretty sure I'm not going to change out of my current outfit that I'm wearing below...ha!  I am thinking we will go grab Mexican and then we're heading to see the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon.  It's been forever since just the two of us have gone to see a movie so I am really excited and the previews on this one look so good. 

Here is a better look at my new $19 slip-on me, you want these!  Go down half a size though because they do run big.  Also, my doormat details can be found here

TWO // 

This is about as decorated as things are going to get inside our home for Halloween and Thanksgiving this year.  Since we're not hosting the Halloween party I decided to give all my spiders, rats, and bats a break and keep them packed up in the attic this year :) 


But not to worry, these two are still getting into the Halloween spirit in their skeleton pajamas and requests for spooky dinners!  And I will admit, the mummy hot dogs are pretty darn good and now we all prefer them over a regular hot dog in a bun. 

Directions for the spooky apple teeth can be found here

FOUR // 

I still have yet to complete organizing my dresser drawers and closet, but I did make some progress this week.  I went through every pair of shoes and donated the ones I didn't want anymore, organized, and then neatly put the ones I wanted to keep in their place.  My plan is to start on my clothes right after I finish this post...wish me luck! 

FIVE // 

Last, but not least, you guys were SO helpful suggesting fun places to go for a little family fun, fall getaway!  We ended up nixing the Disney / Universal Studios idea since I would be so limited to what I could ride and do there.  At this point, I think we've pretty much decided on Dollywood's DreamMore Resort for a few days!  This was by far the #1 suggested place, and it really does look so fun and perfect for fall. 

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  1. Cute little skeletons you got! I've made those hot dog mummies for the boys.. I made chicken tender mummies too.. kids loved them.