Monday, September 23, 2019

This and That

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend because we sure did! 

Todd and I went back to our hometown of Florence this past weekend to celebrate a lot of birthdays, including Todd's!!  And since it was Todd's birthday, it gave me the perfect excuse to book us a fun two night stay at Hotel Florence.  Even though we had two other birthday parties to attend, it was so nice getting some quiet time alone.  And a big thanks to my mom and dad for keeping our kiddos so we could enjoy this!

I cannot believe my sweet niece and nephew are 12 years old!!!  It truly seems like yesterday we were celebrating the two of them turning a year old!  Man, where does the time go?? 

Dinner at Victor's with Todd before heading out to our friend Phil's 40th! 

Phil's birthday party was so much fun and it was SO good getting to see so many of our old friends and have a little time to catch up with them! 

// We are slowly, but surely getting things ready around here for the baby.  I ordered her moses basket last week and I was blown away at the quality when it arrived.  It is such a nice, large basket with the sweetest bedding and it was a total steal for under $80.  Plus, it also comes in blue, white, and tan as well. 

// Yesterday, after we got home and unpacked, I finally decided to clean out and organize my craft space that's hidden and tucked inside my office.  My goal is to go through all the spaces in our house like this and have them all cleaned / organized before the new baby arrives.  Wish me luck, because man, I feel like I have a lot of spaces left to go :)  And I know a lot of you are like me and love to organize, so I included some of my favorites pieces that I use to keep this space organized below. 

These boxes are AMAZING!!  They are really thick and they hold up so well.  I use this larger size here for all my kids art work and keepsakes, and then I use this size to keep special cards, larger photos, and other miscellaneous things I want to keep safe. 

This is PERFECT for all those photos that you love and want to keep, but you don't exactly want them in a photo album.  I had SO many old pictures laying around our house in drawers and random boxes, so I am so happy to now have them picked up and all in one place.  This box would also be perfect for storing things like craft like beads, small screws, batteries, etc...

I have these hanging on the wall in my office closet and they get so much use!  I use two of them for Carson and Taylor's school work, and the other one I use to keep documents and papers we need access to for Todd and I. 

These are the folders that fit inside my acrylic pockets that I use to keep all the different documents and papers neatly organized and labeled. 

Okay, that's about all I've got for today!  Hope you all have a great Monday! 

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