Wednesday, September 4, 2019

This and That

Good morning friends and happy hump day! 

Our puppies are already officially HUGE!!  They are wild and rambunctious like all puppies and totally unaware of their size and strength.  This is the other morning while Carson was getting ready for school...they love playing and wrestling with him. 

// These chili roasted pistachios are SO good!!  I found these at Publix, but I'm pretty sure most grocery stores carry them!  Heads up on Sunday, they were B1G1 free so they may still be on sale! 

// We took Carson, Taylor, and two of their best buddies to see the Riverdogs last Saturday.  This was the first and only game we made it to this season.  The boys had a blast watching the game while the girls had fun eating all the ballgame food and seeing Charlie T., the Riverdogs mascot. 

What I wore

This dress is such a good one to toss also has pockets and is super comfy!  You can see how I wore it here with booties and no bump ;) 

// Tonight for dinner we're having baked bbq chicken and I'm going to make these balsamic roasted new potatoes and asparagus for our side dish.  I'll report back this evening on how they turn out and if the kids actually eat them! 

// I know it's kind of early to start thinking of fall, but I just can't help myself.  Plus, we always like to get started decorating for Halloween early around here anyway.  I thought I would share a few things I ordered last week for any of you that are fall ready like myself. 

My mom used to burn these Tyler candles when I was in high school and this scent was my absolute favorite!!  Up until recently, I couldn't find them online so when I spotted them on amazon last week I made sure and ordered three of them.  This one smells just like fall heaven you guys.

This may just be the prettiest throw I have ever seen!!!  The reviews are amazing and it's really big so you can fit a lot of people under it to snuggle! 

How perfect are these white pumpkins for fall!  I have so many decor ideas for them. 

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