Monday, September 30, 2019

This and That

Happy Monday!!! 

Todd and I got so much accomplished this weekend, and man, it feels so good!  I feel like my nesting has kicked in earlier than it did with Carson or Taylor, but maybe it's because with two other kiddos there just seems like there is more to do. 

We hung these floating bookshelves in Carson's room yesterday and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  And much to my surprise, Carson was really excited about it.  I figured now that he is ten he wouldn't really care about stuff like this in his room, but last night before he went to bed he told me loved how his room looked and felt all organized and clean, and that he was really excited about his new shelves.  He even showed two of his buddies when they came over to the house to play yesterday.  This, of course, made me emotional with how appreciative and sweet he was about all of our hard work and his new updated / organized room. #pregnancyhormones 

I've also received a lot of questions about Carson's bedding and this is the Washed Microfiber Duvet Cover Set that he has on his bed and he also has this Ralph Lauren textured cotton blanket near the foot of the bed.  I love the layered simple white, and I also love that I am able to wash them both with bleach and toss them in the dryer.  You can click here for the rest of his bedroom details along with his navy euro shams and tulu pillow covers. 

We also deep cleaned and organized the playroom / loft area upstairs.  Man, it's amazing what a dry eraser, cleaned out bins and shelves, and a washed slipcover can do to a space! 

I also had a lot of questions about our sectional and our rug, so I'm linking everything for you guys below. 

Saturdays #OOTD.  This dress is so comfortable and also perfect for transitioning into fall.  Plus, you can't beat the $20 price tag either!! 

Dress runs tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a small. 

Taylor has been all about "custom painting" her LPS figures.  And yes, this is really a thing, and yes people really sell these on Etsy and they're not cheap!  That being said, I am so excited that Taylor now wants to customize them herself instead of purchasing them.  Here's her latest few that she created yesterday. 

And this clear stackable storage is a MUST if you have kids with little toys or critters like these! 

And here's the little paint set that I recently ordered for her.  I love that she likes to paint and get creative instead of living on her iPad.  She went through a stage where her iPad was all she wanted to do, so while these kinds of activities are a lot more messy, it makes me much happier to see her doing this instead! 

// And last...super random, but I found a new cheap concealer that I am obsessed with.  I feel like it works as good as the shape tape, but it's not as thick and heavy. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

5 on Friday

ONE // 

I found a rug for baby girl's nursery and I cannot wait for it to come in!!!  The reviews are great and the details look like it would cost a fortune. 

TWO // 

I bit the bullet and ordered two pairs of maternity jeans.  My intentions were to keep one pair, but I ended up LOVING them both.  They are seriously the most flattering, softest jeans I've ever put on, plus, the price point is so good!  I have a feeling I'm going to have to force myself give these jeans up after baby girls arrives...ha!  


Taylor has now decided that she does like the color pink (PRAISE)!  That being said, I am switching gears with my plans for her new room.  I just ordered her this bed and this dresser, and I am so excited to see how this space turns out.  Can you guys tell I'm on a roll with getting all the rooms organized and ready before this baby gets here??  I want to make sure all, or at least most of my time is spent getting to love and snuggle on this new baby so I'm trying to check off our to-do list before the holidays roll in! 

So far, this is what we have planned for her room now. 

FOUR // 

Sticking with my rambling, as far as getting rooms ready and organized, I started on Carson's room yesterday, and though I'm not completely finished, I did make a lot of progress.  If you guys saw the baskets and his nightstands yesterday on Instastories you saw how bad they were...ha!  His room is now pretty much complete decor wise, but I do want to add a large soft jute rug like this one to go under his cowhide and maybe also add some sort of floating bookshelves as well.  I am really loving these pipe floating wall shelves.

FIVE // 

And last, here a few new fall outfits that came in this week.  I'll be sure to share all of these on with more information about the size and fit on stories today! 

Dress run tts, and for sizing reference, I'm wearing a small.

Blouse runs tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a size 4.  The jeans also run tts and I'm wearing a size 26. 

Sweater runs large so size down.  For reference, I'm wearing it in the xs.  Jeans run tts and I'm wearing a small. 

Dress run tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a small. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

23 Week Bumpdate + Shopbop Sale Favorites Under $100

23 Week Bumpdate 

Size of Baby: Grapefruit 

Weight Gain: 5 lbs 

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Maternity Clothes:  I have ordered a few pieces including this essential set that are currently on sale!!  I also shared my top 10 must have maternity pieces in this post!! 

Sleep:  I've been sleeping pretty good, but definitely waking up at least twice to potty. 

Missing:  Botox and wine :) 

Cravings:  My cravings are officially no longer healthy and the worst ones seem to hit me late at night.  I've been wanting chips and some sort of chocolate for the last two weeks around 9pm...ha! 

Must Have Items:  This labor and delivery kit...I mean, how cute is this!?!?  And we also ordered our stroller and car seat last week!! 

We went with the Zelia Max 5-1 Modular Travel System , and right now it's on sale for 15% off!!

Hubby's Thoughts: Pretty sure he's more excited than I am, and last week he kept sending me baby names he liked.  Yeah, I've got to get a move on finding this sweet baby girl a name.  Taylor told our neighbor she was going to call her 'Delicious'!!  I mean, I can't make this stuff up...haha! 

Best Part of This Week:  Finding two pair of non-maternity jeans in my closet that I can still fit in!! 


You guys voted and most of  you wanted me to share my favorites from the Shopbop sale that are under $100 so I have listed my top picks below.  These are pieces that I think you will get a lot of wear out of all fall and winter, plus, they are pieces that are definitely worth snagging at 20% off!! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Easiest Turkey Chili + Current Kitchen Favorites

Okay guys, today I've got the easiest, and I what I think is one of the tastiest chili recipe ever! Growing up, my daddy used to make this chili all the time, and my brother and I both would get so excited because it meant we got to eat Doritos with dinner!  And yes, both Carson and Taylor love this chili, and I'm pretty sure the Doritos play a big part in their love for it too :) 


1lb of Ground Turkey or you can use ground beef as well
* One small yellow onion 
* One green bell pepper 
* 3 cups of chicken broth 
* 2 cans of dark red kidney beans 
* 1 tbsp of garlic 
* 1 28oz can of crushed tomatoes 
* 1-2 packets of vegetarian chili mix 


Place turkey in the pot and cook until evenly brown.  Then stir in onion and bell pepper, and cook until tender.  After that, pour 3 cups of chicken broth into the pot.  Mix in tomatoes, kidney beans, and garlic.  Then, add in your chili mix.  I usually use a packet and a half in mine to give it a strong chili flavor, but you can use more or less depending on how rich and spicy you like your chili.  Also, any chili mix will work for this recipe, but the brand above is my favorite.  I can usually order it in bulk off Amazon, but I can also find it at Whole Foods at times as well.  They also make a delicious mild chili mix and spicy chili mix as well. 

And since yesterday was the first day of fall, I decided it was the perfect time to share some of my current kitchen favorites with you! 

If you don't own a dutch oven, you need to change that right now!  I own this exact one in the teal color and it's amazing!!!  It's less than half the price of the big name brand, but I swear it cooks and cleans up just as good. 

Where has this cheese grater been all my life!?  It's currently on it's way to me and I cannot wait to use it on a lot of upcoming fall soups with fresh cheese on top. 

I have been on the hunt for some good soup bowls, and I love that these are super large and have handles.  Plus, the price is really good as well! 

These sets are my FAVORITE to order around the holidays!!  I love all three items that come in the set and the special holiday scents are the best.  I love this scent and the pumpkin for fall, and then the Iowa pine for Christmas. 

When we went back home this weekend, I watched my dad use one of these while making the kids tacos.  Umm, I mean, where have I been...this $5 little tool made chopping and cooking the hamburger a breeze!  So, right then and there I ordered one and it was on my doorstep when we got home Sunday :)

Are these not the cutest fall kitchen towels ever!? 

These may just be the prettiest wine glasses ever!!  And would this not make the perfect holiday gift to give and also include a favorite bottle of wine! 

Okay, if you guys liked the pumpkin spice scent by this brand, then you guys are really going to thank me for this one!!!  OH MY GOSH, this one smells like fall heaven, and the fragrance fills the entire house! 

Monday, September 23, 2019

This and That

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend because we sure did! 

Todd and I went back to our hometown of Florence this past weekend to celebrate a lot of birthdays, including Todd's!!  And since it was Todd's birthday, it gave me the perfect excuse to book us a fun two night stay at Hotel Florence.  Even though we had two other birthday parties to attend, it was so nice getting some quiet time alone.  And a big thanks to my mom and dad for keeping our kiddos so we could enjoy this!

I cannot believe my sweet niece and nephew are 12 years old!!!  It truly seems like yesterday we were celebrating the two of them turning a year old!  Man, where does the time go?? 

Dinner at Victor's with Todd before heading out to our friend Phil's 40th! 

Phil's birthday party was so much fun and it was SO good getting to see so many of our old friends and have a little time to catch up with them! 

// We are slowly, but surely getting things ready around here for the baby.  I ordered her moses basket last week and I was blown away at the quality when it arrived.  It is such a nice, large basket with the sweetest bedding and it was a total steal for under $80.  Plus, it also comes in blue, white, and tan as well. 

// Yesterday, after we got home and unpacked, I finally decided to clean out and organize my craft space that's hidden and tucked inside my office.  My goal is to go through all the spaces in our house like this and have them all cleaned / organized before the new baby arrives.  Wish me luck, because man, I feel like I have a lot of spaces left to go :)  And I know a lot of you are like me and love to organize, so I included some of my favorites pieces that I use to keep this space organized below. 

These boxes are AMAZING!!  They are really thick and they hold up so well.  I use this larger size here for all my kids art work and keepsakes, and then I use this size to keep special cards, larger photos, and other miscellaneous things I want to keep safe. 

This is PERFECT for all those photos that you love and want to keep, but you don't exactly want them in a photo album.  I had SO many old pictures laying around our house in drawers and random boxes, so I am so happy to now have them picked up and all in one place.  This box would also be perfect for storing things like craft like beads, small screws, batteries, etc...

I have these hanging on the wall in my office closet and they get so much use!  I use two of them for Carson and Taylor's school work, and the other one I use to keep documents and papers we need access to for Todd and I. 

These are the folders that fit inside my acrylic pockets that I use to keep all the different documents and papers neatly organized and labeled. 

Okay, that's about all I've got for today!  Hope you all have a great Monday!