Friday, August 30, 2019

19 Week Bumpdate

19 Week Bumpdate 

Size of Baby : Mango 

Weight Gain:  2 pounds...but I can tell that number is about to go up!  I have been insanely hungry this week, and I've started having really unhealthy late night cravings!  For example, last night I was dying for Taco Bell mexican pizza...thankfully it was way too late  to order any so I just had pizza Pringles instead...haha! 

Gender : It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet...and  for the most part I'm hoping to keep it that way ;)  Although I did just order these maternity nursing pajamas so I guess that kind of means I now have some maternity in my closet. And speaking of my closet, I did want to share two new Lilly Pulitzer pieces that I recently ordered and love.

Hollyn Halter Maxi Dress - Runs tts, but I'm wearing a size 4 to have extra room for my bump. 

Tank runs tts, and for sizing reference, I'm wearing an xs.

Sleep:  I've been sleeping great the last two weeks.  I've had some allergy issues so I've felt a little more tired than usual.  That being said, I'm usually in bed and asleep by 8-9pm!  Right now I'm only waking up once a night to potty so I'll take it! 

Missing:  Nights out with my girlfriends!!  Sure I can still go out to dinner with the girls, but lets be real, it's just not the same with a big ol belly and no cocktails!  So that is definitely one thing I'm looking forward to when baby girl gets here is a fun night out with the girls! 

Cravings:  This week's cravings have been all over the place.  One minute I'll be craving a nice, big fresh salad and the next I'll want a number one combo from Chick Fil A with a large Dr.Pepper ;) 

Must Have Items:  These scallop leggings, this comfy bralette, and these oils!!  We have been using this set of oils every morning and night in our diffuser

Hubby's Thoughts:  He's loving that he can now feel her move.  He talks to her every night before bed and she goes crazy bouncing around at the sound of his voice.  And I must admit, I think it's pretty much the sweetest and the cutest thing ever. 

Best Part of This Week:  Today, because it's FRIDAY and because we have an extra long weekend!!!  And speaking of the extra long weekend, make sure you check back around here later today because I'm planning on sharing all the best Labor Day sales!! 

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