Friday, August 16, 2019

17 Week Bumpdate

Before I share this weeks bumpdate with you guys, I wanted to say thank you all so much for the kind dm messages and emails on yesterday's blogpost.  I know that my post may have confused a lot of you, and I honestly thought about not even posting it.  But through all of this, I've realized that the only way to really connect and to be your true self is to stop hiding behind the mask, and to just be honest and tell all your truth.  I hate that I can't just share all of it right now, but I want to be real with you guys as best I can and not just share the pretty things going on in our lives. 

Now with that being said, even with all of the painful and stressful things happening in our lives right now there are still SO many wonderful and amazing things happening as well!  I have to admit that right now my biggest challenge is to remind myself to stop ruminating over the past, and to live in the moment and enjoy all of the blessings that are currently happening in our lives. 

Luckily, I have this growing bump as a daily reminder of what a huge blessing we have coming!  We are all so excited about this new baby girl, and we can't wait until January!  Now we've just got to come up with a name and get her nursery started!! 

17 Week Bumpdate 

Dress runs tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a small. 

Size of Baby : Pear 

Weight Gain : 2 pounds...strangely I haven't been overly hungry, and I get full really fast.

Gender : It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Maternity Clothes : Not yet!  I've just been living in my looser fitting dresses and maxi dresses!  I did just order this maxi and these scalloped leggings one size larger. 

Sleep : This week's sleep has been a little rough.  I've been waking up several times in the middle of night either having to potty or having a strange dream. 

Missing : I can't really think of anything.  Thankfully, my wine and cocktail cravings have pretty much stopped.  But I am looking forward to having a big glass of red wine with Todd when baby girl gets here ;) 

Cravings : This week's cravings have still been pretty healthy.  I have really been craving salads, and I had the most amazing burrata and tomato salad yesterday from The Workshop. 

Must Have Items : This wedge pillow, these prenatal gummies, and I just ordered this crib for baby girl's nursery! 

Hubby's Thoughts : Still so excited and so darn sweet!  He's been talking to her a lot, and she just wiggles and moves like crazy to the sound of his voice. 

Best Part of This Week : Feeling baby girl move!! 

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