Friday, August 30, 2019

19 Week Bumpdate

19 Week Bumpdate 

Size of Baby : Mango 

Weight Gain:  2 pounds...but I can tell that number is about to go up!  I have been insanely hungry this week, and I've started having really unhealthy late night cravings!  For example, last night I was dying for Taco Bell mexican pizza...thankfully it was way too late  to order any so I just had pizza Pringles instead...haha! 

Gender : It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet...and  for the most part I'm hoping to keep it that way ;)  Although I did just order these maternity nursing pajamas so I guess that kind of means I now have some maternity in my closet. And speaking of my closet, I did want to share two new Lilly Pulitzer pieces that I recently ordered and love.

Hollyn Halter Maxi Dress - Runs tts, but I'm wearing a size 4 to have extra room for my bump. 

Tank runs tts, and for sizing reference, I'm wearing an xs.

Sleep:  I've been sleeping great the last two weeks.  I've had some allergy issues so I've felt a little more tired than usual.  That being said, I'm usually in bed and asleep by 8-9pm!  Right now I'm only waking up once a night to potty so I'll take it! 

Missing:  Nights out with my girlfriends!!  Sure I can still go out to dinner with the girls, but lets be real, it's just not the same with a big ol belly and no cocktails!  So that is definitely one thing I'm looking forward to when baby girl gets here is a fun night out with the girls! 

Cravings:  This week's cravings have been all over the place.  One minute I'll be craving a nice, big fresh salad and the next I'll want a number one combo from Chick Fil A with a large Dr.Pepper ;) 

Must Have Items:  These scallop leggings, this comfy bralette, and these oils!!  We have been using this set of oils every morning and night in our diffuser

Hubby's Thoughts:  He's loving that he can now feel her move.  He talks to her every night before bed and she goes crazy bouncing around at the sound of his voice.  And I must admit, I think it's pretty much the sweetest and the cutest thing ever. 

Best Part of This Week:  Today, because it's FRIDAY and because we have an extra long weekend!!!  And speaking of the extra long weekend, make sure you check back around here later today because I'm planning on sharing all the best Labor Day sales!! 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Currently Loving

Good morning, friends!!  Sorry for the radio silence around here, but the last two mornings I woke up with a terrible headache.  I am thinking it's just allergies because this morning I woke up with a runny nose and an itchy throat, but my head is feeling much better.  For some reason, I can handle a runny nose and itchy throat much better than I can a headache. 

But anyway, today I wanted to share with you all a little hodge podge of things that I'm currently loving! 

I love the look of these loafers and I think the pointed toe makes them a little more feminine.  Plus, you can never go wrong with a little animal print. 

I cannot believe this utility jacket is only $34!!  I love the shape of it and the reviews are so good.  Oh yeah, and it also comes in five other colors! 

I've been searching for a good pair of girlfriend jeans and when I saw this brand jeans I knew I needed to order them!  I also ordered this belly band to wear with them in hopes that I don't have to buy any maternity jeans this pregnancy. 

It's been a long time since I've bought a new handbag and I'm really loving this one, plus, you can't beat the $53 price tag for real leather.  I am thinking that once the baby gets here I might just purchase one of these inserts and use as my purse and her diaper bag. 

I saw this necklace the other day while looking on Amazon and I instantly fell in love.  This seller has a perfect five stars with almost 500 reviews and this is the first necklace I've seen like this that I love...and it's under $50!  

I think this sweet little bookcase would look so good in the new nursery.  I love the scallop detail at the top and it truly looks way more expensive than the $70 price tag. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Life Lately

Todd and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary this past Sunday!!  Sometimes it seems crazy to me that we've been married for 12 years, but there are times it feels like we've been together all of our lives.  Either way, I love and adore this man more than any words could ever describe.  He's my best friend, my rock, and I thank God everyday that he brought Todd into my life. 

Since our anniversary landed on a Sunday this year we kept the celebrating low key and we had a nice dinner downtown at Indaco.  If you guys like Italian, I highly recommend this restaurant. Everything on their menu is so fresh and most of the food is locally sourced. 

The Burrata is amazing and the fresh butter beans were so delicious. 

Our other favorite dish was the black pepper tagliatelle.  It's one of their staples that our waitress highly recommended. 

What I wore

// On Saturday, we headed out to Meggett for a cookout and a day on the water with some of our good friends.  It's been a while since we've seen these friends because we all moved to opposite locations around the same time and life has just been so busy for all of us.  But they are truly like family, so spending the day with them was much needed and everyone had such a blast! 

Making memories and having the best time.

And this picture seriously cracks me up!  Zach had been riding the on the dirt bike with the kids and still had his helmet on while grilling ribs. 

And speaking of ribs, man it had been forever since I'd eaten bbq ribs on the grill, and holy moly, they were SO good! 

I made this summer arugula salad with homemade basil vinaigrette and it was big hit!  It's the perfect salad to accompany anything on the grill and the fresh corn, pepitas, and avocado taste so delicious together. 

And last, here are a few of my outfits that I wore last week.  Somehow, I'm still managing to fit into everything non-maternity, but I'm thinking that won't last much longer, especially when it comes to shorts and jeans! 

My shorts are the darker version from last year, but the ones I linked are the same exact ones, just a little lighter in color. 

Stripe Maxi Dress with Pockets // Greece Flat Sandal (so comfy and on major sale) 

Dress runs tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a small. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

10 Organizing Products That Get Used Daily

Happy Saturday, friends!! 

One of the main requests I received from you guys when asking what you wanted to see more of was organization.  I must be in early nesting or something because I am itching to get things back in order...and almost every room, closet, and drawer needs to be re-organized!  

It's been almost a year since my last organization haul, so it's time to go back through and get rid of things the kids can't fit into anymore or anything they don't play with anymore.  The same goes for our closet, all the drawers, along with other spaces around here as well.  That being said, I thought it would be fun to take you guys along as I go through each room to show you all my tips, tricks, and favorite gadgets I use to get organized. 

I am planning on starting this series sometime next week, so today I wanted to share 10 of my ultimate favorite organizational gadgets that help make my life easier and help keep me organized on a day to day basis. 

Edited and added 

Though I don't use these daily, I absolutely love them, and they're perfect for storage. Plus they look great on your shelves and in your closet. 

This little beauty not only holds my blow dryer and all of my hair tools, it's also really neat looking.  I keep mine under the counter, but it's pretty enough that you can leave it sitting on your countertop without it being an eyesore if you don't have under the counter space. 

This is a must have if you take more than one pill or vitamin a day.  On Sunday's, I usually organize all of our vitamins for the week and this makes it so much easier to make sure that we don't forget. And if you take medication that you have to take throughout the day, these little slide out containers are perfect to toss in your purse for travel. 

You can use this lazy susan for so many different things.  We use ours to hold all of our vitamin bottles, Todd's pre-workout containers, and medications that are used often like Advil and Tylenol. 

Thanks to this baby, for the first time in my entire life I am now able to keep up with all of my sunglasses!!!  Plus, it helps that the case is really pretty so it looks great on our dresser in our bedroom. 

This is the perfect size basket for blankets and toys.  It's really deep so it holds a lot and it looks really nice on display.  We keep ours next to the fireplace, and while it used to hold all of our blankets, it now holds all of the puppies toys! 

I know I've shared this organizer a few times on my stories, but it's truly a lifesaver when it comes to keeping all of my make-up and brushes organized. 

These bins are perfect for keeping your fridge and freezer super organized.  They are also much easier to clean than trying to get in all those smaller corners and crevices in you fridge. 

Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider

Todd and I both use these and they making keeping socks, underwear, and bras so easy to organize. 

True confession...I just ordered this last week and I am already in love!!!  The kids water bottles used to drive me crazy and we could never seem to find them when we needed them.  I am so happy that we now have a designated place to keep them.  Also, from reading the reviews, these also work great as wine holders for your bar area or countertop. 

These are great if you have kids that love cereal!  Not only do they keep the cereal from getting stale and make it easy to see when you're about to run out, but they also look so much better in your pantry than a pile of cereal boxes.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Nursery Design Ideas

I can honestly say I didn't think I would be ever be designing another nursery, but I can't lie, I am so freaking excited!  Out of all the rooms in our house that I've designed and decorated, Taylor's nursery still remains my favorite.  I am planning on changing things up a bit, but it will probably be very similar to what her nursery looked like.  Since I sold almost all of the stuff in her old nursery, I'm pretty much starting over so here's my little mood board of the design and pieces I am planning so far. 

For those of you that don't remember Taylor's old nursery, here are a few photos with all the sources. 

The Dresser - Cocoon dresser (Similar Here)
The Bedding - My favorite part of the room! Debbie is awesome to work with
Prints over the crib -  old Pottery Barn Kids but similar here and here
Mirror - sold out but similar and on sale here

The elephant print can be found here // Floor Lamp

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mini Amazon Haul

Hello lovies and happy Tuesday!! 

I am so excited about this mini Amazon haul you guys!  Every single thing I ordered I ended up loving!!  I was so impressed with the quality on all of these items, and as always, with Amazon fashion the prices are amazing!! 

**Also, I received a lot of dm messages yesterday asking about my lip color, so I decided to link that for you guys right here. It's the perfect combination to give you a good neutral pink lip. 
Lipliner- Dior Pink Sky 

Tee runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. These leggings run tts, but because of my growing bump I went up to a medium. 

Jacket runs tts and for sizing reference I am wearing it in the size small. 

Blouse and jeggings both run tts and for reference I am wearing them both in a size small. 

This dress is so gorgeous, but it is pretty lowcut, so you may want to wear a bandeau underneath it. These lace ones have great reviews and I think would look super cute underneath. 

You can never go wrong with a little leopard.  This dress is made out of a really nice thick cotton and I love that it also has pockets!  For sizing reference, the dress runs tts and I'm wearing a small. 

This blouse is such a good one.  It's lined so you can't see through it and it's perfect to wear now with jean shorts and then later with jeans in the fall.  For sizing reference, it runs tts and I'm wearing a small. 

I seriously love everything about this dress...the material, the fit, and it's tummy flattering in the middle.  For sizing reference, it runs tts and I'm wearing a small. 

This is another adorable and super flattering midi dress.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but it has the cutest little ruffles around the neckline and arms.  For sizing reference, this dress runs tts and I'm a small. 

I've had my eye on this dress for a while and I can't believe it took me so long to order it.  It is SO cute on, not to mention, it's really comfortable and super flattering.  I was worried it would fit like a sack, but the tie waist gives it the perfect shape.  For sizing reference, this dress does run a little on the larger side so I would go down one size if between sizes (I'm wearing a small). 

Last, but not least are these AMAZING scalloped leggings!!  I am seriously ordering them in all four of the other colors. Added bonus, right now they are on sale!!  These leggings run tts, but because of my growing bump I went up to a medium.