Monday, July 8, 2019

Baby #3 + Early Amazon Prime Day Deals

Good morning friends and happy Monday!! 

First off, thank y'all SO MUCH for all the sweet comments and messages on our exciting news!!  I'm not going to lie, part of me can't believe we're actually having a third baby and that we're essentially starting over, but then there's that bigger part of me that is just over the moon and so excited for another sweet, precious baby.  

And to answer the question that I keep getting, yes, Todd and I were trying ;)  But just like it was with Carson and Taylor, we didn't try long...ha!  We had been talking/ joking about a third baby for the last three years or so, but I just couldn't be convinced that I wanted to nor was I sure I could handle another baby...haha! But you know how it works, a few nights night out and a few glasses of wine, and I started thinking I was super woman, and that duh, I could definitely handle another baby.  Plus, Todd can be pretty convincing and knowing that he wanted one more while also knowing what an amazing daddy he is, we decided to give it a try and see what happened! And well...we see how that went down, the first month we tried we got pregnant! 

Also, thank you all so much for asking how I've been feeling.  Other than the nausea that hits a few times a day and being completely exhausted, I am feeling great! 

I also wanted to mention in today's post that AMAZON PRIME DAY is officially only seven days away!!  I am so pumped about this, and I can't wait to share all the good stuff that will be part of the sale this year!! 

But in the meantime, until the sale they are releasing early daily savings and today's savings are SO good so I wanted to mention a few of my favorites and must haves! 

Normally $129.99 now $69.99 

Normally $26.99 now only $13.50!!! 

Normally $69 now $34! 

Originally $19.99 now $10! 

Normally $45 now $22.50! 

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