Thursday, July 18, 2019

13 Week Bump Date

13 Week Bump Date 

Dress (wearing size small)  // Necklace // Hair Scarf // Rock Stud Sandals

Size of Baby : Lemon 

Weight Gain : 1 pound 

Gender : Not sure, but during our ultrasound this week she said she thought it may be a girl, then she changed her mind last minute when the baby flipped over!!  We are DYING to find out, and will hopefully be able to next week! 

Maternity Clothes : Not quite yet...but I have been living non-stop in this maxi dress, these leggings, and these built-in bra tanks.  All are perfect, and SO comfortable pregnant or not pregnant! 

Sleep : OMG, I am so tired and I've been sleeping SO much!  I was asleep by 7:30 the last couple of nights and didn't wake up until 6am the next morning. 

Missing : I cannot lie, I am missing margaritas by the pool and frose on the beach :) 

Cravings : Fruit, salads, and other random healthy foods that I NEVER want to eat not pregnant...ha! 

Must Have Items : I feel like I am seriously starting all over with this baby, and I have no real idea what all the coolest and best must-have baby items are these days.  Either way, I am doing my research now and will hopefully have some suggestions next week ;)  I will say, the must-have items for mama this week have been this body butter for stretch marks, this facial oil, and these comfy pajamas!! 

Hubby's Thoughts : Oh Todd is so excited, ever since we found out I was pregnant he has pretty much been on cloud nine.  And I have to brag for a minute and say he's been so sweet with letting me rest, doing all of the housework, and bringing me and the kiddos lunch almost daily.  I truly feel so blessed and so lucky to have him. 

Best Part of This Week : Getting to see the baby again via ultrasound and having Carson and Taylor with us!  We thought we were just going in for a regular visit and to hear the babies heartbeat, but because I have so much scar tissue from my prior c-sections we couldn't hear it very well so they did an ultrasound instead.  It was so neat for the kids to get to see the baby, and man was the baby moving like crazy.  I may or may not have gotten a little emotional watching our new baby move while also seeing Carson and Taylor get so excited! 

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