Monday, June 24, 2019

This and That

Hello friends and happy Monday afternoon...I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

We had a really laid back weekend around here.  On Friday afternoon, we went to see Toy Story 4 and I highly recommend you go see it!  It seriously may have been the best Toy Story yet, and that's saying a lot because they have all been great in my opinion. 

// On Saturday, we hit up the neighborhood pool and I was finally able to finish my book, Verity. Omg it was crazy, but so so is a definite summer read! 

// On Sunday, we went to church and then headed to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  And yes, I must admit I LOVE me some Cracker Barrel and I sometimes dream about their biscuits and white gravy...ha! 

// We watched a Sunday afternoon movie with our growing pups!!  These guys are so much fun, but man they give us a run for the money!  My house has never been so messy, and I've never cleaned up so much tee tee in my life...haha!  Either way, they are so stinking sweet that I can't ever stay mad at them. 

I just ordered these pajamas for Taylor last week and omg they are the cutest ever.  And y'all, the quality of this brand is so so good!  Warning though, they run really big.  I ordered Taylor the size 8 thinking she would have a little room to grow, but they are huge!  My plan is to put these up for next summer and order her this moon and star print in the size 6-7. 

I added a lot of new basic summer pieces to my summer favorites in my Amazon shop (you can check that out here).  This $14 white tank was one of my favorite finds! 

I have been such a lazy cook so far this summer so when I ran across this on Pinterest I knew I had to share!  These fish tacos and chickpea salad look so good and they look super easy to make!  So, if you are feeling unmotivated like myself, I would definitely check out these 30 lazy summer dinner ideas! 

// And last, but not least, I wanted to share this quote with you guys.  It popped up on my Pinterest account this morning and it really spoke to me, so I am hoping that it will do the same for some of you as well! 

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