Friday, April 26, 2019

5 on Friday

Hello sweet friends and happy happy FRIDAY!!! 

ONE // 

// Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?  Todd and I have a weekend full and it's all super fun stuff so I am very excited!  Tonight we are taking the golf cart and going on a casual date night to have sushi and wine at Wasabi!  Then, Taylor has a birthday party tomorrow, Carson has baseball, and Todd and I have our neighborhood "tiki theme" supper club.  I ordered these three dresses, and I am planning to do a try-on session in the next few hours so stay tuned if you've been searching for cute summer maxi dresses. 

In love with this gorgeous aztec print and the $20 price tag!  

This one is SO soft and it has pockets, plus, I love all the stunning prints it comes in!  Also, it's under $30!!! 

This dress is another winner!!  The fit and the quality are good and the $25 price tag can't be beat! 

TWO // 

A lot of you have been asking what hair products I'm loving with my new cut and color. Honestly, I am not a fan of my short hair at all, but every since having Taylor my hair has just been a hot mess so it's just looks healthier when I cut it short.  Anyway, I read amazing reviews on the line, NatureLab, and you guys...I am obsessed!  It makes my hair feel so soft and keeps it frizz free. 


The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous this week and we've been spending every afternoon outside.  Todd and I took Taylor to the park yesterday and our little monkey was in heaven. 

And I was pretty excited on our walk to the park to find a broken palm leaf to bring home to put in our kitchen! 

FOUR // 

I can tell everyone (just like myself) is getting the organizing itch again.  I've been receiving messages about some of the things I used to help me get our kitchen organized last year so I wanted to share the link to that post again.  And if we have time this weekend, my plan is to tackle Carson and Taylor's drawers along with their closets.  I'll report back if that happens ;) 

FIVE // 
And last, because y'all know I can't resist a good e-card!

 I hope these gave you a good laugh and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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