Wednesday, November 20, 2019

20 Most Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit I am horrible when it comes to answering dm messages!  I try really hard to answer you guys and write you back, but I just can't ever seem to get to them all.  So what I did last night was go through all of my dm messages over the last two to three months and I wrote down the messages with questions that I get asked on repeat.  And instead of just taking a screenshot of those questions with the answers in a swipe up like I normally do, I thought it would be better if I just answered them here so that they don't go away after 24 hours. 

How are the new puppies doing? 

The puppies are doing great, they are wild and HUGE, but just over the last week we have noticed them calming down a bit.  We are planning to get them neutered within the next few weeks so I'm hoping this helps calm them down even more.  I am a little nervous about how they will do when the new baby gets here, but honestly, they prefer to be outside a lot and they do most of their rough play with each other.  And for all my dog lovers that have asked about my pet gift guide, you can check that out here!  We just ordered both pups these new holiday collars and these new dog beds

Where is your Christmas tree and the garland on your mantel from? 

Our Christmas tree is from Grandinroad, but it's no longer available.  I did find an almost identical one here and the price is really good!!  And here is the pre-lit cedar garland that is on our mantel. 

How do you keep your floors so clean with a husband, two kids, and two dogs?

Because of THIS BAD BOY right here!  You guys, I swear if you have kids or pets you must get the iRobot Roomba, it will change your life in the best way possible!!  And they also have the newest version with an automatic dirt disposal that empties itself!  I am considering making an upgrade and getting this one that vacuums and mops.  It has awesome reviews and it's on major sale right now! 

The No-Show socks that you have and loved are no longer available? Are there any others one you love? 

These are by a different seller, but I ordered them and they are almost identical to the ones I had before...they may even be a little better! 

I just ordered these plush fuzzy no-show socks for winter to wear with my booties and slip-on sneakers! 

What drawer organizers do you use for you and Todd's drawers and which ones do you use for the kids drawers? 

These are the ones I use in all our drawers. 

This is the set I ordered for the baby's drawers.  It's very similar, just a different color with different sizes and compartments. 

Where are your couches and coffee table from?

My couches are from here and my coffee table is no longer available me, I have searched and searched for you guys!  It's called The Bennett coffee table and it's by Dwellstudio for any of you guys that may want to check with any local designers. 

And here is the link for everything else, including my brass swing arm lamps and rugs. 

Will you be doing a gift guide for kids and babies again this year? 

YES, for sure!!  I am actually working on one right now and I'm so excited about it!!  I am hoping to have it up no later than Friday, but in the meantime, I'm adding things daily to my kids and baby Amazon holiday gift guides here.

Will you do an H&M try-on haul?  I love their stuff online, but not sure what size to order or how it fits, and you and I are about the same size. 

Yes, and I am so excited because I just recently placed a huge order with them that should arrive any day now!  And in my haul, I'm going to share some baby, kids, and even home pieces that I ordered!! And because I'm pretty sure that last year's most asked question was about my salt and pepper cellar, I've got to share this one with you!  It's almost identical to mine from Pottery Barn and the price is better!  This would make the perfect gift for the hostess or the cook in your life. Also, I've had a few try-on haul request for Loft, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Express. I am planning to order a few pieces from those places as well, so you guys please let me know if there are any other places you would like to see. 

What is white paint color on all of your walls? 

Sherwin Williams Pure White. 

And here is a list of more of the best white paint colors for your home as well. 

What is the pink paint color in the new nursery? 

Sherwin Williams White Dogwood.  It's the prettiest, softest light pink ever. 

Are your kitchen counter quartz or marble?  

Our counter tops are honed marble and they are called Calacatte Latte.  We absolutely love them and I would choose them again if we ever moved. 

Can you share the furniture and roman shade sources for Carson and Taylor's bedroom? 

You can find all of the sources for Carson's room right here.

You can click here for the sources for Taylor's room. 

Your hair is looking so much healthier and so thick...what products are you using to help? 

First off, thank you so much, but while my hair so much better than it was before it still isn't great :)  I just don't have the best hair, but I think 100% that my prenatal vitamins are helping a lot along with this shampoo, conditioner, and treatment by Olaplex.  Also, this Olaplex gift set that just came out is a great price and includes everything I use.  The sizes of the bottles are great for trying it out instead of buying full size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner. 

What curling iron do you use? 

Ouiast Curling Iron 1 inch Ceramic Tourmaline.  It's only $25 and I swear it works just as good, if not, better than the $100+ ones that a lot of bloggers rave about. 

I have it with the blue base, but it seems they only have it in the black currently, but it's the exact curling iron, just a different color handle! 

Are you still taking anti-anxiety medications while you're pregnant? 

Yes, I did switch from 20mg of Lexapro to 25mg of Zoloft per my obgyn's recommendation.  I also took 25mg of Zoloft throughout my pregnancy with Taylor as well. 

How have you managed not to gain a lot of extra weight this pregnancy?

Ha!  Well here's the deal, throughout all three of my pregnancies I didn't gain a lot of weight.  I was sick in the beginning with all three, and besides craving a few bad things here and there, my body really craves fruits and salads when I'm pregnant!  Now here's the funny part, well it's actually not funny, but when Carson and Taylor were both 6 months old I somehow managed to gain 30 lbs.  So yeah, instead of gaining the weight while I was pregnant and then losing it, I gained even more weight after they were born and ended up weighing more when they were 6 months old than I did on the day I gave birth!  This time around I'm planning to get back into the gym as soon as my body is ready and also try not to form a bad habit of drinking Cokes daily like I did before. 

Are you planning on nursing this time? 

Yes, but I'm also planning to introduce the bottle to her sooner than I did with Taylor.  Taylor gave us a run for our money and would only nurse.  She refused a bottle from Todd or anyone else, so this time I'll definitely introduce it sooner.  We've always used and loved Dr. Brown bottles, but I'm a little rusty in this department so if you guys have any new bottle recommendations I would love to hear them. 

Will you continue to post regularly once you have the new baby?

Yes, while I plan to take a little time off right after I have her, I definitely plan to jump right back into regular posting.  This is not only my outlet and my happy place, it also helps provide for our family. Not to mention, I will end up going stir crazy if I don't get back into my work and somewhat into my routine. 

Will you and Todd have any more babies after this one? 

No, and I am serious this time...haha!!  Before this baby, neither Todd nor I felt 100% that we were done, so neither of us did anything to make sure we were done.  After this baby, if I end up having to have a c-section I will have my tubes tied and if I am able to do a VBAC then Todd will have a vasectomy soon after baby girl arrives. 

You and Todd seem so happy together and like such a great you have any tips or secrets? 

Communication, communication, communication!!!  And I'm not talking about just passing each other in the hallway with a brief hello, goodbye, or discussing your schedules for the day.  You've got to make time to really connect with each other and really talk about things.  And when I say talk to each other, I mean the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I know it seems easier to not address or talk about the uncomfortable things sometimes, but those are honestly the most important things that you should (and must) talk about. 

Marriage isn't always easy, and believe me, Todd and I have gone through our tough times.  But if I've learned one thing, it's that you've got to be 100% real, open, and vulnerable at all times or at least most of the time with your partner.  I believe that besides God, your partner should come first and be the one person that you can tell any and everything.  When Todd and I both started doing this, it was like a weight was lifted and a connection beyond what I could have ever imagined was able to happen.  I am more in love with Todd than ever, and having him as my best friend, my partner, and raising our soon to be three babies together makes me so happy and gives me more joy than anything else in the world. 

Do you and Todd still go to marriage therapy? 

Currently, we do not.  We LOVE our therapist and learned SO much from her, but she (in her own words) graduated us from our bi-weekly therapy sessions.  And I am not going to lie, this was a very proud and fulfilling moment for Todd and I both to hear that she didn't think we needed her anymore! Now that's not to say we won't ever go to her again, because you never know what life may throw at you, but as of now we are doing really good and couldn't be happier. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide For Her - My Own Personal Wish List

I am kicking off my second Gift Guide of the season with the perfect gift guide for HER!  And this is actually all of the things on my very own personal wish list! 

As far as my list, not only do I really want these things, but they are very practical and I know I will get lots of use out of all of them! 

I have been on the hunt for a short wool coat in this color for a while now.  Not only is the price on this one great, but I am loving the gold zipper details and the stand up collar as well. 

I have had my eye on this necklace since we found out we were pregnant with baby number 3.  I absolutely love how dainty and simple it is, and I know it would be a necklace that I would wear all of the time.  And now that we have a name picked out for this little lady, I'm hoping it's under the tree waiting for me come Christmas morning! 

Todd has one of these in black, and I must admit, it looks much better on our nightstand than having all the cords sticking out.  Now that they make a charging pad in silver and gold, I think we will both be getting these and he can take his black one to his office so he will have a wireless charger there as well.  Oh yeah, it also comes in premium gold here

Okay, so I know these are technically listed as pajamas, but I would for sure wear this out of the house to pick the kids up from school, grab a coffee, or to lounge in on the weekends.  And speaking of matching jogger sets, I'm pretty sure I need this one in my life asap! 

So this is by far be the best Celine dupe I have ever seen!  I went back and forth for about two days on whether or not I wanted a designer bag this Christmas and I decided that I really didn't.  After Taylor, I got my first designer bag (a Louis Vuitton) and I still love that bag so much, but I think one designer bag is enough for me.  I would much rather spend my money traveling as a family, and I feel that with real leather dupes like this, I can have my bag and not break the bank :)  And this one is also an amazing dupe for the larger Celine tote! 

Y'all, this set is a total STEAL!!!!  I get asked all of the time what lip color I have on, and while I do switch it up quite a bit, my go-to liner and lipstick are both by Clinique.  Plus, all six lip colors in this set are gorgeous so you can mix and match the liners, chubby sticks, lipsticks, and the gloss!  AND they come in three different sets, so if you wanted to break them down and gift one or two, they would make the perfect stocking stuffers! 

You know you're officially old when you not only put gadgets like this on your Christmas list, but you are legitimately really excited about it!!  The main thing that sold me on this one besides the awesome reviews, is that it sucks up wet or dry messes!  I know this is going to come in handy with the new baby, puppy hair, and in my car. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Winter and Holiday Dress Amazon Haul

Good morning friends and cheers to the weekend!!!  Not that I'll be doing any cheers with anything other than hot tea tonight, but we are planning on putting up our tree and hopefully a few other decorations so maybe I'll even switch out my hot tea for chocolate cocoa and marshmallows :) 

Anyway, today I bring you my first winter Amazon try-on haul complete with a few holiday dresses. Also, I'll be sharing more details and real life videos of all these items today on stories so make sure you check it out if you have any questions that I didn't answer below. 

This sweater is such a good dupe for the beloved ottoman sweater, the only difference is this sweater is not as long, plus, the neck and material are a little different.  But with it's $31 price tag it's a total steal!  Also, the sweater runs tts and I'm wearing it in the small. 

This waffle knit top looks almost identical to this one by Sanctuary and the quality is so good!  My sneakers were (and still are) some of my favorites from last year and I found them on major sale! 
Top runs tts and I'm wearing it in the small. 

This is such a flattering and comfy dress, and it would look so good at any holiday party or even a winter wedding.  Dress runs tts and I'm wearing it in the small. 

This dress totally blew me away, from the thick comfy material to the scallop neckline along with the gorgeous pleated details.  Dress runs tts and I'm wearing it in the small. 

This is another dress that I think would be perfect to wear to any holiday party or even just a dressy day at the office or a date night.  The material is very fitted, but it's thicker and hides the humps and bumps so well.  I mean, unless you have a bump in the front like mine, and then there's just no hiding that...ha!  Dress runs tts and I'm wearing it in the small. 

These pajamas were some of my favorites last year so when I saw the red fair isle this year I knew I needed to snag them!  They are on the thinner side, which I like since I get so hot when I sleep these days.  They run tts as well and I'm wearing a small. 

I have a dress almost identical to this that I LOVE, but it's not sweater material so I knew that I had to get this one for fall and winter.  The quality and the fit are so great on this dress, and plus, you cannot pass up the $35 price tag. 

Last, but not least, everyone needs this tunic in their lives!  Oh my goodness, it is SO SO soft and warm you guys!  It runs a little big, so if you're between sizes, I would size down.  For reference, I'm wearing a small. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide - Parents, In-laws, and Grandparents

Good morning friends and happy almost FRIDAY!!! 

I am so thrilled to share today's gift guide with you all.  I feel like I found some really great gifts your parents, in-laws, and grandparents would actually love to receive!  This gift guide took me a lot longer than I expected, but I wanted to make sure I really searched and found gifts that I know I would love and that my own parents would love to receive.  I really hope this helps some of you out that have those hard to shop for parents, in-laws, and grandparents! 

All parents and especially grandparents love pictures of their children / grandchildren, so a personalized calendar with a new photo for them to look at every month is the perfect gift!  Not to mention, Minted does an amazing job when it comes to detail and quality! 

This is hands down a gift that I can PROMISE you your mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law will absolutely LOVE!!!  I have this exact cardigan in three colors and I wear mine all the time.  You will not find a more comfy, cozy cardigan and this one would be such a nice gift to give. 

I am pretty sure most of your parents and grandparents drink coffee, and these insulated travel coffee mugs have amazing reviews and are half the price of the beloved Yeti.  These mugs would be fun to gift with their favorite coffee or tea in this cute woven storage basket

Todd loves this brand's after shave, and it's one of those gifts that's not only nice to receive, but one that is something needed and sure to get used! 

I just bought this robe in the mid length here for my grandmother and I was blown away at the quality and how soft it was.  I mean, a robe under $30 with perfect reviews is hard to beat! 

If your parents don't already have an instant pot then GET THIS ONE for them now!!  We get so much use out of ours, and it makes cooking so much easier and so much faster!  Also, I've never seen it marked as low as it is right now so I would grab it before it goes back up. 

Okay, how cool is this outdoor speaker?  My parents are always outside gardening, grilling, or by the pool so I know they would love to have this to listen to music and give a little light when it gets dark. 

I bought these in the men's for Todd last year and he LOVES them!  And $20 for real leather moccasins just can't be beat!  These would also make the perfect add on gift to give with these cozy pajamas as well! 

I absolutely love the look of these necklaces, and the price point and reviews are both so good.  I know almost all the moms out there (including me) would love one of these. 

I think pretty much all men love to grill, and from reading the reviews, these hickory wood chips are a game changer in the best way.  And we all know nothing makes a man happier than everyone raving over the food he has prepared on the grill. 

I think these herringbone frames are so beautiful, and I think they would make such a nice gift to give with a good family picture in it or just one of the kids/grandkids. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

New Rug Sneak Peek + Serena and Lilly Rug Sale

We finally switched out our living room rug earlier this week and I was blown away at how completely different it made our living room look and feel.  As much as I loved our jute rug layered with my oriental pink one, I was so ready for a change.  Plus, the rugs we had before were pretty to look at, but they were pretty thin and not very comfortable on your feet or to sit on.  And with the new baby coming in less than 10 weeks, I knew whatever rug I picked out that I wanted to make sure it was thick, plush, and would be soft to the touch.  As you all know, I'm a sucker for neutrals and gray so when I spotted this Mirabelle Rug, I knew it was exactly what I wanted!  And I was even more excited when the rug arrived, because not only was it even prettier in person, but it was so soft and more plush and thicker than I had imagined.  

Now my plan is to switch out the pillows and try to find a light I love for this space.  I've had my eye on this one for a while and if it does happen to go on sale anytime soon I think I may just have to bite the bullet and order it!

If you or anyone you know is in search of a new rug and you're as obsessed with Serena and Lily decor as much I am, now is the time to make your move!  It is very rare for Serena and Lily to have anything 30% off, but right now that's how much you can take off of every single one of their rugs!  And man do they have some gorgeous rugs...below is a peek at some of my absolute favorites!


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

30 Week Bumpdate + Nursery Progress

30 Week Bumpdate 

Size of Baby: Cabbage 

Weight Gain: 12 lbs 

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Maternity Clothes:  I just ordered these velvet skinny jeansthese leggings, and this blouse and they are all 50% off!!  Also, these joggers will be arriving today and I have a feeling I'm going to need/want a few more pair!! 

Sleep:  I've been sleeping pretty good, but I'm now having to wake up and go potty at least four times. 

Missing:  Being able to exercise...I feel like I am running out of breath just walking up and down the stairs now. 

Cravings:  Juice, fruit, and Starbucks Toasted White Mocha with two pumps instead of four! 

Hubby's Thoughts:  Happy and more excited than ever!!  I am pretty sure when she's born I'm going to have to force him to leave the house to go to work...ha! 

Best Part of This Week:  Picking out her coming home outfit with my mom, Taylor, and my sweet niece Cayden! 

In other news, the nursery is almost complete and on Instragram a few of you asked if  I would share all of the sources so here ya go!  And once I put all of the finil touches on it, I'll be sure to share better pictures with a full reveal!