Wednesday, September 5, 2018

This and That

// This past Saturday, I headed downtown with my girl Natalie for some girl time and to check out the new wine bar, Josephine

The bar was really beautiful inside and we loved all the small dishes we ordered. My favorite was this roasted butternut squash with coconut pesto and feta. 

Of course the burrata was amazing, and the pickled cherries and honeycomb made it even tastier!

What I wore

// On Sunday, we decided to take our little inflatable boat out. We have a public dock right down from our house, so it's super easy to put the boat in and take it out. I am so glad that we got this boat instead of two kayaks like I was considering, because it's so fun being together in one raft. Oh yeah, after reading all the reviews we decided to get this trolling motor that mounts on the back so we can take it out a little further in the river. I'll report back when we try it out this weekend! 

// The kids have been really into these walkie talkies that they got for Christmas last year. And don't let that headlock hug fool you, he loves her! 

Rocky enjoying a nice back massage with Taylor's hair brush ;) 

// Loving my new favorite $24 built-in bra workout tank, and I finally found my tan Nikes online...added bonus, they are on sale! 

Built-in bra tank // Running Shorts (best ever and only $24)

// On Sunday, we headed to a neighborhood Labor Day get together and I made this super easy pesto cream cheese and tomato bruschetta. And sorry, I know my picture is not the best, but I swear they were delicious! 

What I wore 

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