Monday, May 14, 2018

This and That

// I hope all you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! Todd, Carson, and Taylor made sure my day was extra special starting out allowing me to sleep in, sweet cards, and a few really good gifts. 

When Todd reads my blog I never know if he is even paying much attention, but clearly he does because he bought me these earrings that he knew I loved. He knew I had gifted a pair in this post, but I had mentioned that I really loved them and the way they looked on so he said he made a mental note and ordered them the next week! Nothing better than knowing your man is actually listening and hearing you...haha! 

Todd also knows how much I love Nest candles so he ordered me this trio set! They all smell amazing, and as soon as I get this house picked up I am going to light one up. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has to have their house clean before they will light a candle?!?!

After having a really relaxing morning, we took the golf cart and headed to brunch at Dockery's. It was already hot by noon, but there was a really nice breeze out so we sat outside and enjoyed a really yummy brunch! And to top things off, all the mamas got their first mimosa free! 

I received a alot of dm messages asking about the maxi dress I had on yesterday. It's such a good one and it's only $ can find it here

// And this round handmade wicker tote was also asked about a good bit. Just so you know, I ordered it in the small. It is the perfect size for your phone, wallet, lip gloss, and keys! 

// I finished the book, Accidentally Married this weekend and it was SO good!! It was so good that I  actually knocked it out in about five hours. Warning though, it does have a lot of very graphic sex scenes, but it's not what the book is all about and the story is so good! 

Lemon One-Piece (wearing size small ) // Straw Hat // Book

And last, I just ordered this book that a friend recommended. I am still looking for more good summer reads, so if you all know of any it would make me so happy if you shared them in the comments! 


  1. I’m reading “The Alice Network” right now & loving it. It’s part of Reese Witherspoon’s book club and every book I’ve read from there has been absolutely great!

  2. That swimsuit is amazing - wow!
    I've read a few great books recently:

  3. Love the dress! Are you wearing an XS? How is the fit?

    1. Thanks girly! This one fits on the smaller side, I am wearing it in the small and it's perfect!

  4. From the other books you have read, I think you would love the the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens. SO Good!