Monday, January 22, 2018

This and That + Perfect Bra Found

Todd and I enjoyed a weekend to ourselves this past weekend and it was SO NICE!! I was a little worried about what we would do with ourselves considering going out to dinner and having alcohol were off the table, but we ended up having one of the best weekends we've had together in a long time, and honestly, I didn't really even miss going out for dinner or the wine...okay, maybe I missed the wine a little bit...haha! 

My new Thirdlove Bra came in on Friday, and y'all, it's like the bra angels came down and made this bra just for my wonky boobs. I can't even being to tell you guys how good it feels to finally have a bra that actually fits. Take this test right now and even if it gives you a weird size, trust the system and order it! 

Todd and I drank a log of coffee and watched a lot of movies. And when I say we watched lots of movies, we fit in three and that's not including the one we saw in the theater. So if you're looking for a good movie On Demand, I recommend The House and Marshall. 

And we also did a lot of was pure bliss. I'm pretty sure this furry fella was really enjoying all the quietness and cuddle time. 

And of course I'm wearing my favorite pajamas! And how gorgeous is the new print in this brand and this style!! 

We also did a lot of cooking/meal prepping and it feels so good to not have to think about what I'm going to cook for dinner each night this week. I'll share all the recipes that we made later this week, but I had to share this one now! It was so easy and so delicious! 

We just omitted the honey because it didn't call for much. But I did read that for honey substitution that you can soak dates and then mush them. 

Todd and I own this Instant Pot and we love it! It's so easy to use and easy to clean, not to mention, it cooks a complete meal in less than 20 minutes! 

// On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a couples massage at The Woodhouse and it was amazing! 

// After our massage we went to the movies. If you haven't seen the movie 12 Strong then make sure you go check it out. It was such a touching a movie, and it really makes you realize all that our soldiers give up and all they do for our freedom and safety. 

// I had a lot of sizing questions about this North Face fleece pullover and these leggings that I showed you guys this weekend. And since Instastories go away, I thought I would share the details on here as well. The Fleece runs on the small side and I'm wearing it in the small, but I feel like the medium would probably fit as well. The leggings run tts and I'm wearing them in the small. 

// If you're on the hunt for a really good mascara that won't break the bank, order this one! It makes your lashes look super long and so full. 

// I don't think I've ever received as many dm messages about a product than when I shared these socks...haha! Y'all are clearly like me and love a good no-show sock! The price on these are unbelievable and the quality is great! 

// And I'm also so excited that all of you are loving these oils as much as I do! Over the weekend a few of you asked which set was my favorite, and while I love them all, I think the Healing Solutions Best Blends is probably the one I use the most, especially during flu season! 

You really can't go wrong either way because the relax and rejuvenate set are so good as well. 

// And last thing today, I wanted to share this vapor bath that we use in the winter for the kids. It's kind of expensive, but a little goes a long way and it works so much better than the other vapors baths. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! And make sure you check back Wednesday if you were interested in seeing all of the tropical vacations that Todd and I have taken in the past! 


  1. What did you substitute for the honey to keep the Mongolian Beef Whole30 compliant?

    1. We just omitted it. But I have heard that you can use soaked dates and mush them as a substitution.

  2. Good job sticking to your whole30 this weekend during your kid-free time!! That beef looks so good!!

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