Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gift Guide For Her (My Personal Christmas List)

-These Rose Gold Chocolate Diamond Hoops may be the most gorgeous pair of earrings I have ever seen. And you guys, the price isn't bad at all for real diamonds! 

- You guys know I am OBSESSED with anything Barefoot Dreams...and I'm in love with the new style of this Barefoot Dreams Montecito Cardigan

- I've been wanting to put an oil diffuser in our bedroom for a while now, but most of them are big eye sores. Our kids have these mini diffusers and since we bought them they sleep so much better. That being said, I was very happy when I found this pretty marble diffuser.

- Dying to get this new flat iron! The reviews all say it's amazing and I love that it's less damaging because of the natural volcanic minerals that are infused into this straighter! 

- I am in need of a smaller round brush now that my hair is shorter, and from what I've read, this one is pretty awesome! 

- A girl can NEVER have too many pajamas, and I love the fit and design of these

- I've always been a huge Ugg fan. I own a pair of their sneakers and over the knee boots and wear them all the time. So, when I saw these adorable lace-up Ugg's I knew they were going on my list! 

- I can't get over how gorgeous this sweater is...I'm pretty sure I need it in at least three of the colors! 

- Who doesn't need one of these, especially if you are like me and on your phone all day long :) 

- Pink Nike' explanation needed! 

- I am not sure how I ever lived without my iRobot vacuum, and I'm pretty sure I will feel the same once I get my hands on this iRobot mop!  

- Last, but not least...and yes, I know it's another pair of pajamas, but I figured I could definitely wear the top out of the house, and possibly even the bottoms if I pair them with the right top...ha! So technically, these act not only as pajamas, but loungewear that can be worn out of the house :) 

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