Friday, October 6, 2017

5 on Friday

ONE // 

I made it to the gym for two classes this week and rode my bike severals times around the island for cardio. I am down 2 lbs and already feeling so much better!! And for those of you that asked, I have been taking classes at Fit Culture and I LOVE it! 

TWO // 

Along with working out, I've also been eating much healthier. If you are looking for something lean with a lot of protein, then you need to try these! For lunch, I've been wrapping mine in bib lettuce and putting a little salsa on it and it is so good! 


The weather out on Sullivan's yesterday evening was amazing. As the sun went down it got cooler and cooler, so I was super happy I brought my cardigan along. 

 Necklace // Crossbody (similar) // Earrings

FOUR // 

One of my favorite dresses ever has been restocked and it's now available in six colors!! They are all gorgeous colors and they would all look great at any fall wedding or event if you guys have one coming up. 

FIVE // 

And last, because this is so true, and we could all use a good laugh on Friday! 


  1. Do you happen to have any idea where Krystine got that teal jumpsuit?? It would be perfect this fall!

    1. Hey Ashley!! I am pretty sure it's from Rent The Runway, but I'll ask her the brand if you would like me too?