Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Home - Featured on Houzz!!

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!! 

Some of you may remember a few weeks back when I shared that I was getting our home "photo ready" for a fun shoot on Instastories. 

Well, I can finally share that the fun shoot was for Houzz.com! I cannot describe how giddy I was when I received an email from one of their editors, Margaret Wright, letting me know that Houzz wanted to feature our home along with a full article on their website. 

If you guys are interested in seeing a few more pictures of our home, and also reading a little more about the building process (and a few personal snippets) then you can check it out here! I am so happy with all the pictures, and it was also fun for Todd and I to read the article together this morning. We had some laughs and I may have even shed a tear thinking to myself how excited I am to finally call the place I've dreamed of living in for so long 'home'. I'm looking forward to many years and making a lot of memories with my family in this home sweet home.