Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This and That + Simple Summer Chickpea Salad

Better late than never right!? Summer has been so busy, and I am really struggling to find the time to sit down and blog daily. Hoping I'll get it together before school starts back, but I'm not making any promises...ha! 

// The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (early access) starts tomorrow!!! If you missed my post yesterday, I shared everything you need to know about the sale so make sure you go check it out here. Also, make sure you follow along on Instagram because Natalie and I will be shopping the sale in person and sharing lots of pictures and videos tomorrow! 

// Loving our new tiki torches from Frontgate! Evenings on our patio just got a whole lot prettier when the sun goes down. Not to mention, the no bug fluid we've been using has been awesome keeping the mosquitoes away!

// I finally finished the book The Woman In Cabin 10 and it was SO good! I am planning to do a book review with all the books I've read so far this summer so stayed tuned! 

// New one-piece swimsuit loving going on over here! 

// If you are looking for a new summer rose try this one. It's light, smooth, and the price point is pretty good!

 For sizing reference, it runs tts and I'm wearing the xsp. 

// And last, but not least, here is the recipe for the summer chickpea salad that Todd and I made for dinner last night. After all the indulging I did last week my body was craving something light and fresh, and this salad was just that. 


  1. I thought Woman in Cabin 10 was terrible! It took me forever to read and I was really disappointed after so many people raved about it. My next book is Big Little Lies. Can't wait!

    1. Oh man did you really girl? I thought the middle was slow, but near the end I loved the turn of events!! Let me know what you think of Big Little Lies!!!