Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This and That + Easy Potsticker Noodle Bowl Recipe

Good morning loves, and happy hump day!! 

Let me start by saying that I LOVE our dog, however, he is wearing our asses out in the middle of the night. Between Todd and I, one of us has to get up at least three times with him in the middle of the night to let him outside. We would just leave him out, but he will scratch relentlessly at the door or he will bark and wake up the neighbors. 

Being that he has diabetes, he has to relieve himself much more often and he drinks a ton of water. It feels like we have a newborn again you guys, and I don't know what the heck to do?! If you guys have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. 

And this picture cracks me up. This was me last Sunday when I went to take a nap on the couch. Clearly he was more worn out from waking us up in middle of the night than I was...ha! 

// One of my favorite little white dresses was just restocked in all sizes! And the best part (besides the fact it's super cute), it's only $65!  

Dress runs tts / slightly loose. If you are between sizes, go down a size. For reference, I'm wearing the xs. 

// I also had a few questions on Instagram about how the sizing runs for this off the shoulder top. It's a really soft/loose cotton, and it runs on the larger side. For reference, I'm wearing the xs and I had more room than usual. Hope that made sense ;) 

// Loft just came out with an ADORABLE new lemon print, and I seriously can't get enough of it. It may just be my favorite collection yet! 

// And last, but not least, here is the requested potsticker noodle bowl I made last night. This recipe was super easy, pretty healthy, and really delicious! I highly recommend it. 

I couldn't find regular slaw mix at Whole foods, so I used this broccoli slaw instead. 

Also, instead of regular soy sauce I used Coconut Aminos and then I added in a little of this shitake soy ginger sauce for extra flavor. I thought the soy ginger sauce was gluten free, but after I made the dish I realized that it's actually not. #oops So, just skip this if you are wanting to make this dish 100% gluten free.