Monday, January 9, 2017


Cardigan also here // Tank similar // Jeans // Booties // Tote

Good morning, and happy happy Monday love bugs! I'm keeping it short and sweet today being that I need to get my booty back to our old house and pack up the rest of our stuff! I really should have prepared a little better for our move, but with the holidays it was just too much and my brain was a scattered mess...ha! But now it's time to get serious and get to packing. And for any of my local readers, we will be having a HUGE moving out sale next Saturday at our old house. We are selling about 90% of our old furniture, and I'll have also have a lot of my clothes for sale as well. So, if you guys are in the market for clothing and/or furniture, you should stop by! 

Before I head out to go pack I wanted to share my daily uniform with you guys, well, that's if I'm not in workout leggings and a sweatshirt...ha! But really, this cardigan is the softest, and you all already know how I feel about these high waist jeans :) 

Photos by Kim Graham 


  1. Hi there! So this is random, but I recall at some point you posting something about hair vitamins that you have used? Do you have a link - I can't seem to find it archived? Thanks so much! {And yes, that's my daily uniform most of the time as well - if not yoga pants and a hoodie!}

  2. Oh man I wish I could come to your sale! We are moving to Charleston in a little less than two weeks! Would you PM me if you don't sell everything? I would love to come and see what furniture you have left. Were building a house on James Island and have sold a TON of furniture in preparation for the move so we need a lot of stuff! Thanks so much! :)

  3. Hello, Caycee! I'm a reader living in Mount Pleasant! We moved a few months ago from NY. I'm still working on furnishing my house and would love to stop by your furniture sale! Would you pls send details of your sale- where and when? Thank you! I'm at

  4. Ohhh the weekend sale sounds like fun and I love your new haircut with the bangs! So pretty Caycee!

  5. I am in the market for some furniture! I Just started nurse anesthesia he ad school and moved into a place by myself! Could I get the details as well?