Monday, October 10, 2016

I am sorry

I've been sitting here with my computer in my lap for the last hour trying to find the right words, and all I can come up with is....I'm sorry. I am so sorry for the people that lost family members, for all the people that lost their homes, and for everyone that has been affected in any way by the storm.  Hurricane Matthew was devastating, and even though my family and I were not directly affected, my heart still goes out to all of those that were. 

I am also sorry that my post on Saturday was not more compassionate and thoughtful of what other's were going through at the time. I had been cooped up in the house for a few days, and instead of paying attention to the damage/potential damage from the storm, I chose to put up selfies and links to shop. In hindsight, that was a bad idea and definitely not a shining moment for me. Instead, I should have removed my head from my 'blogger ass' and thought about how many people would've loved to have had the 'problem' of being cooped up and bored on Saturday. 

Again, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered and to those that are still suffering because of this tragic hurricane. If any of you are looking for ways to help, it appears that Haiti could use it the most. After doing some research, I believe the most secure place to donate is here at the American Red Cross or here at Planting Peace


  1. I think you meant to write "and even though my family and I were NOT directly affected"? :-)

    1. Oops thank you for catching that for me! Fixed it ;)

  2. Caycee, you may want to look into the American Red Cross, and the way they handle donations. They received a lot of bad publicity after the flooding in Louisiana in August, when they refused a lot of donations because they have very specific requirements about what can be donated. People were trying to donate clothing and household goods for the flood survivors, and the Red Cross discarded it because it didn't go through official channels. Maybe they learned from that experience and are easier to work with now, but I am still wary about giving them donations.

  3. Hi Caycee, Don't beat yourself up over this!! I didn't think it was insensitive at all and I live in central FL. Of course we know you were aware of the hurricane, but life goes on and sometimes it's nice to get a little break from it all.

  4. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) spends 100% of donations on the projects specified by the donor.

  5. Caycee, as one of my favorite mom bloggers I want to thank you for this post! I was one of the critical ones on Saturday and while I didn't mean to come across as harsh it could have been misinterpreted as such. We've all done things we wish we could turn back the clock on (I'm pretty sure almost daily for me!) so don't be too hard on yourself! But seriously, this is amazing!

  6. The world wide village also directly goes to Haiti--they're amazing!! And thank you for this post