Monday, October 31, 2016

Snippets from Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

// On Friday, Todd and I picked the kiddos up from school and headed to meet our good friends at the Coastal Carolina FAIR!! I have so many happy childhood memories of the fair, and all those memories come rushing back while watching our kids have so much fun. Carson is just like my brother was as a child, and he doesn't want to ride anything thing that is too high or that spins too fast.  Taylor, on the other hand, is a mini-me...the higher and faster, the better...ha! 

What I wore
Tank (on major sale) // Jeans // TB Flats

// Saturday morning, Todd headed out super early to run the Spartan Race - Carolina Beast with my brother and two other friends. Todd said that is was by far the hardest mud run/race that he has ever participated in. The run ended up being 14.27 miles long, had 35 obstacles, and it was up and down hills the entire time. I am so proud of all four of these guys for finishing. 

// The kids and I enjoyed the morning just chillin in our pajamas. They slept in pretty late because we had such a late night at the fair, so I took advantage with a big cup of coffee and I planned out our meals for the week. 

I am in love with these new pajamas I ordered last week! They are super soft, and I just love the fitted bottoms. For sizing reference, they run a little snug in the bottoms. I am wearing a small. 

// Saturday evening, the kids and I headed over to hang out with one of my dearest friend's and her family. We had planned to head out for dinner, but decided with the kids and our new lifestyle change that ordering would be easier. So, we all enjoyed some yummy, gluten free pizza from Marcos! I didn't take any pictures, but I did snap this one of my outfit before we left. 

Gail Jacket (similar here and here ) // Tank // Jeans // Booties

// On Sunday, we did a little pantry and fridge cleaning/organizing. And after that, I headed to Whole Foods to stock up for all of our meals and lunches for the week. We have tried lots of the non-dairy, gluten free breads, but there were none that we loved so I decided to make my own. I used Danielle Walker's recipe from her book, Meals Made Simple. If you don't want to buy this book you can also find the recipe online here. Everyone except Carson LOVED this bread, but I will say it was almost $13 to make one loaf! The only raw cashew butter that I could find was $11 for a small jar, and since Carson didn't love it I am still going to continue to search the paleo breads. 

// And last, I wanted to share this outfit I wore on Sunday. These jeans are so awesome y'all, and I can't get over how soft this cold shoulder tee is! Jeans runs small, so size up one or two sizes depending on how you like your fit, and the shirt runs tts! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

5 on Friday

ONE // 
- I can't thank you guys enough for all of your comments and emails in response to my post on Wednesday. You guys have no idea how much each and every comment meant to me, and I am humbled by all the support and encouraged by all of your success stories. I know this isn't going to be an easy road at first and I know I may screw up along the way, but I'm really excited about the possibility that this could really be a big help to our family. 

And because y'all know I always love a little humor in any situation :) 

- Last night I attended a baby shower for my dear friend, Allie, who is about to have her second baby in just six short weeks! I am so excited for her, and I can't wait to get my hands on this sweet baby girl when she arrives!! And how beautiful is my friend and her sweet family?!? 

What I wore
(This top runs on the small side, so I would go up size) 

Top // Jeans (run small) // Pumps cheaper version here

- I had a little time to kill yesterday before an appointment, so I popped into GDC. It's one of my favorite home stores here in Charleston, and I could seriously spend all day walking around this place drooling over all their gorgeous furniture and home decor! 

Love this gray dresser. 

And how fabulous is this console?! 

Loft is having a 50% off sale on ALL sweaters and select styles! There is no code needed :) 

I popped in Loft earlier this week, and here are a few things I loved! 

Relaxed peplum top (50% off) // Jeans // Boots // Watch

// And last, here's a little roundup of a few new fall purchases that I'm loving. 

 Sweater (40% off) // Jeans // Boots // Necklace // Bracelet 

Long Wrap Cardigan (runs big so size down) // Tank // 
leggings // Nike Slip-on (go up half a size)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Living with Anxiety/ADHD

 I've always been pretty open and real with you guys about my anxiety and the struggles I have faced with it. While telling my stories about my anxiety I always purposely left out one important detail. The detail that I have ADHD. I could say that I am not really sure why I left that out, but that wouldn't be the truth. When I was diagnosed at age nine, I remember feeling so relieved, yet so ashamed at the same time. Relieved in the sense that someone understood how I was feeling, and that there was something that could help, but ashamed because I felt so different. 

Well, that relief quickly faded as I was put on and taken off of many different medications over the years. With every medication I was prescribed (Ritalin and Adderall are the main two I can think of), I was able to focus and my grades always quickly improved. The downside was that when I was on these medications I never felt like 'me'. I didn't have an appetite, my creativity was gone, and I was withdrawn and not chatty like normal when not on medication. When I would come home from school I was always in the worst mood and had horrible headaches. Eventually, by the time I was in high school I had stopped taking all medications. While school was a huge struggle, I finally felt like myself again, and to me, that worth it. 

Then, when I started college I remember the extreme anxiety setting in. Now, knowing what I know about the correlation between anxiety and ADHD, I'm not sure if it was a combination of the two or my ADHD just mimicking anxiety, but either way, I decided to go see a doctor and get on something to help. From that moment on (at the age of 18), I've been on and off medications to help with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. And while these medications have always helped with my anxiety and ADHD, they've also had negative side effects. 

I wanted to share all of this with you for a few different reasons. One, because it's real life, and in order for me to connect with you guys and for you to connect with me I know that being real and honest is the only way to do that. And two, because Taylor was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I want to do everything I can in my power to help her live a full and happy life. That being said, I want to try to do this without medication if at all possible. I want to show Taylor that with the challenges of having ADHD, there are also SO many positives and gifts. 

After working closely with a board certified functional psychiatrist, we've decided to clear gluten and dairy from our diet. I have heard so many wonderful experiences from people living this lifestyle, but it's still a huge change for us so I am nervous and excited all at the same time. The doctor that we are working with fully believes that while this will not cure myself nor Taylor from having ADHD, but it it gives us a chance to drastically improve both of us and our symptoms. 

I'm excited to share this new journey in our lives with you guys, and I would love to here any stories or suggestions you may have, as far as living a gluten and dairy free life. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Versatile Cotton Dress

Dress also here and here (runs tts)  // Vest // Scarf // TB Tote 

I love an easy toss-on dress, especially one that can be layered to create different looks for fall. When it gets even cooler outside, this one will be perfect with tights or leggings. And y'al, these boots...they are even prettier in person. The low heel makes them perfect to wear all day long. 

Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday! I am about to take the kiddos to school and then I'm heading out to pick out our barn door! I am so excited to look at all the different wood, and I can't wait to show you guys which door I choose! 

Photos by Kim Graham 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Highlights + Recent Fall Outfits

Hello pretty ladies (and gentlemen...if there are any guys that read this blog), and happy Monday! 

We had such a great weekend around here filled with lots of fun with friends, plus, a lot of family time! It finally felt like real fall weather and we soaked up every second of it outdoors. 

On Saturday, we ate lunch at one of our favorite spots, Angel Oak Restaurant. The weather was perfect so we decided to enjoy it by eating out on the patio. If you visit this restaurant, Todd and I both highly recommend their fried pickles. They are so good, plus, they are gluten free for anyone who is allergic or is gluten free by choice. 

What I wore

After lunch, we headed to the Halloween store to complete the rest of the kid's costumes. Both Carson and Taylor threw us a curve ball this year and wanted to dress up in something that couldn't be bought as a package deal or just one costume. Taylor requested to be a zebra puppy (and I have no idea where this came from), and she knew exactly what she wanted it to look like. So, a zebra costume, puppy ears, a puppy tail, and a puppy nose later, we have a real zebra puppy my friends! I can't wait to show you guys this costume...haha! And Carson's request was to be a zombie baseball player. Finding all the things necessary to complete this look was much easier! 

While at the Halloween store, we spent way too much time playing with all the funny glasses.

And I've got to tell y'all the story behind the glasses. When we first arrived at the Halloween store, Taylor had to potty, so Todd took Taylor to use the porta potty outside. Well, when he bent over to help Taylor, his new pair of Rayban sunglasses fell in. They got sucked down to the bottom and could not be retrieved (or maybe Todd just didn't have it in him to go digging them out). Taylor could tell that Todd was a little bummed about his glasses, so the first thing she did when they walked back into the store was find him a new pair of sunglasses. She was so proud that she found him a new pair that Todd decided he had to buy them. And being that Taylor has the biggest heart ever, and doesn't like to leave anyone out, she also picked out these lovely blue sunglasses for me...haha :) 

On Saturday evening, we had our neighborhood "haunted hayride". And when I say haunted, all the dad's dress up as something scary and they jump out along the ride to scare the kids. And y'all, this year was the best, because not one kid was scared at all. They were all quite bold actually, and they laughed and laughed trying to figure out which dad was dressed as what. It was so much fun seeing all the kids so happy and laughing together. 

Needless to say, we were all dragging a little on Sunday...we didn't even make it out of the house until noon. When we finally got up and rolling, we headed over to the island to grab lunch and check on the progress of the house. 

This is the kids sushi bowl from The Islander, and y'all, it is so so good! I always eat whatever Taylor can't finish. If it weren't only on the kids menu, I would totally order it for my meal! 

And we ended the night with my favorite thing ever......s'mores by the fire!! Oh, how I love this time of year. 

Last, but not least, here are a few new fall outfits that I have been rocking recently. 

 Dress (runs big so size down) // Scarf // Boots // Earrings // Bracelet

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fringe Bangs + Dot Pintuck Blouse

So I took the plunge Wednesday and chopped full fringe bangs, along with a few more inches off of my hair. So far, I am loving the bangs, and they've been so much easier to style. I have this terrible cowlick that drove me crazy with my side bangs, and I was constantly pulling them over and spraying them so they wouldn't fall in my face. I think this was my cowlick's way of telling me to just cut some darn fringe bangs! And my larger than life widow's peek seems to be happier about the new situation as well...haha! 

To be honest, I really didn't want to cut much more length off my hair because I'm wanting to let it grow out, but I had about two more inches of damaged hair from my bad breakage that needed to go. That being said, after about a year and half, a lot of chopping, and babying the mess out of it...I finally feel like I have healthy hair again. And y'all, I swear by this shampoo and this conditioner mask. They have been miracle workers, along with some diet changes and a few vitamins that I am happy to share if you guys are interested. 

But enough about the hair, can we move onto this dot pintuck pleat blouse please?!?! I am obsessed with everything about it! From the soft, flowy silk/cotton material, to the pleats that give it (and you) the perfect shape, and then the adorable spit neck...yep, this one is a winner y'all. 

And my new Tory Burch tote hasn't left my side since it arrived last week. 

 Major love for this new Kendra Scott pendant. I think it looks gorgeous by itself, plus, it's also perfect for layering. 

As always, Nordstrom nails it again with their jean selection. These jeans from Topshop are the perfect fit and length for my 5'2 frame. And I love the black version of these jeans here as well. 

Outfit Details

And for all of you blouse lovers (like me), you can check out a few more of my favorites from Nordstrom below! 

Photos by Kim Graham

* And thank you Nordstrom for partnering on this post.