Friday, September 30, 2016

What I'm wearing....Twist tee and yoga leggings

Happy Friday, loves!! 

Being a bit on the shorter side (I am 5'2 btw) can sometimes make finding the perfect jeans or leggings a bit of a struggle. I finally found a pair of leggings that are perfect in fit and length. Say hello to my new friend, the midi legging by Zella

 This twisty turn tee from Nordstrom is the cutest, most comfy tee ever. I love how it's a little bit longer in back.  

And these Flyknit Nike shoes will make you feel like you are walking/running on air. They are super flexible and I love how comfy the mesh elastic is around my ankle. 


This is one of those outfits that will be on repeat in and out of the gym! 

Outfit Details

And below are a few more of my "workout" favorites at Nordstrom! 

* Photos by Kim Graham 
*Thank you Nordstrom for partnering on this post. 


  1. I share your struggle ! I'm barely 5'1 and have the same problems :) Happy Friday and your adorable !

    1. Haha love it girl.... we can be shorty sisters together ;) And thank you!!

  2. Does the top run true to size? Very cute!

    1. Hey Denise! Yes mama it does, I am wearing the xs and wiggle room, so if anything size down or go with your regular size :) xoxo