Thursday, September 1, 2016

Train Day Thursday......

The last time I asked you ladies what workout you would like you requested butt and abs, so today my trainer and I are bringing you just that. This workout is one hell of a booty lifter and and it will have your abs burning so bad it will hurt to laugh! 

*Butt and **Abs - Repeat each exercise 3X

* 24 Heavyweight walking lunges - the bar on my back is 45lbs, but adjust to what you feel comfortable with

* Split squats - 12 reps on each leg with 12lb dumbbells in each hand.

* Alternating lunge jumps - 20 jumps total

* Round house high kicks - 15 kicks on each leg

** Plank oblique rotations - 20 reps 

** Hanging leg raises - 20 reps

** Decline sit-up punches - 20 reps (10 on each side)

Gym Attire
Nike Air Zoom (on sale)

PS - For any of you locals, I wanted to mention a special training deal that is going on at Chucktown Fitness right now as well. 

Personal Training special on 5 session packages! 30% off 5 sessions blocks until Sept 3rd! See or call Mike or Ross to get signed up and assigned to your trainer! 843-764-9349

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