Thursday, August 11, 2016

Train Day Thursday

Happy Thursday, ladies! 

I am so excited to show you guys another workout this week inside my gym at CHUCKTOWN Fitness.  On Tuesday, I asked you via Instastories if there was anything in particular you guys wanted me to focus on and I ended up getting quite a few requests for arms.  I also had a few requests for butt and abs, so I made sure I sent those over to my trainer.  That being said, he's promised to deliver something really good for both.

Arms (toning and sculpting) 
{Preform all as a cicuit and repeat 3 times. }

- Lateral raises 10 lb dumbbells 12 reps
- Overhead Tricep Extensions 15 reps 
- Dumbbell Bicep Curls 10 lbs 12 reps
-30 seconds of non stop 5 lb quick punches 
-Assisted Dips 55 lbs 15 reps 
- Alternating rope waves 10 reps on each side 


  1. love seeing your workout posts! any chance you could do some workout posts that don't involve gym equipment?

    1. Hey girly!! Thank you so much, this makes me happy to hear!! And yes I promise to work on a non gym workout post for you soon!!