Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Master Bedroom Scheming

When we move I plan to give lots of love to our master bedroom as far as getting things arranged just right.  For some reason, I never felt like I got it quite right in our current house.  This time around we made sure we got the layout just how we wanted it, so I am so looking forward to creating the perfect space to relax and wind down. 

This is a peek at what our bedroom looks like in our current home.  We are planning to keep the upholstered bed, our current bedding (which is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and the best bedding we've ever owned ), and our white juju hat

(Also my pajamas and these Nest candles are part of the Nordstrom sale as well)

What I would like to change are the nightstands, lamps, and the art work above them.  I want something super light and airy...I am dreaming up different shades of white and light cream.  I lost the battle once again of getting the chandelier in our bedroom because Todd loves a fan.  So I made sure I opted for a fan that was sleek and a little more modern this time. 

So while it's not too much different, I think the lighter lamps and nightstands will really make a huge impact in our new bedroom. 

(Click the image to shop the item ) 

Also, if you haven't check out the home section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I highly recommend you do :)

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  1. Your current bedroom is gorgeous ! Wow, you have great style ! I'm anxious to see what you come up with for your new home !