Wednesday, June 22, 2016

House Happenings + Extra 25% off Surprise Shopbop Sale

Happy hump day ladies....I hope you are all having a great week so far! 

Yesterday evening when Todd got home from work, we headed out to grab dinner at Orlando's Pizza and then we went to check on the construction of our house.

And sorry for the half,eaten pizza, mama was hungry and I've also gotten used to not pulling my phone out as much lately.  I can promise you, if you get a chance to eat there you won't regret getting their margarita pizza :) 

And guys, we officially have foundation and the framing is going to start today!  I actually thought framing was starting last week, but we had a few thunderstorms so I guess that threw things off by a few days.  Standing inside the foundation yesterday makes it seem so much more real and it's getting us all so excited!! 

 And Taylor was so excited when she found this 'sheshell' in what is soon to be our living room. 

It's hard to tell in this picture, but over to the far right in the brush is where our property line ends.  
A few days ago we found out that they are going to be able to clear out most of the brush and run our fence all the way back to the line.  This was a really big deal for us, as we wanted as much backyard as possible.  We were a little nervous because of the protected wetlands behind us that we wouldn't be able to have 'use' of our entire lot.  But hooray we are, and now I can't stop dreaming up in my head what to do with the outdoor space.  Todd says it needs to be a wiffleball field.

I also wanted to mention that Shopbop just announced their surprise three day only SALE!!  So for three days only you can save an additional 25% off of the already marked down sale prices!  And don't forget, with Shopbop it's always free shipping and returns...even on sale merchandise! 

I received an email from them last night and I quickly snatched up this dress and this dress.  I used my Amazon prime shipping so I should have them sometime today :)  I'll be sure to post the sizing and fit as soon as I get them in! 

And here are a few of my favorites that are major steals and also a few that I don't think will last very long. Use the code 25EXTRA to save! 


  1. That is fantastic that you might be getting more usable yard!!

  2. That pizza looks good !

  3. We'll have to try out that pizza place when we move there next month! So exciting on your house, I can't imagine how fun (but I'm sure also stressful) that process is!

    Erin, Attention to Darling