Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wine Talk

Boy oh boy, it's been way too long my friends!  We've got some major catching up to do, but I have too many stories to tell you in one post so I'll start with two Taylor stories that happened last week. Never a dull moment with this precious child, and I mean NEVER!!! 

After I picked Taylor up from pre-school last Tuesday I decided to take her to get her first manicure and pedicure.  Well really, when you are three they just slap some polish on there, but she was so excited.  She hopped right up in the chair with her glittery Hello Kitty polish.  

A few minutes into the the painting Taylor is asking the lady about 100 questions a minute and the lady clearly has no idea what Taylor is saying, but she is doing her best to communicate with her any way.  Then, all of a sudden Taylor looks at her with this really funny/slightly confused face and says, "What?  What are you saying to me?  Are you talking Spanish?  I don't know what you are trying to say to me."  

Luckily, the sweet lady just smiled at her and they both started to giggle.  But then, Taylor starts loudly yelling to me from across the room, "Hey mama, she is talking Spanish to me just like Dora.!" I could have died right there in my chair.  I kept telling her to 'shhh' and that they were actually talking Vietnamese, but that it was rude to keep yelling that.  

Thank goodness, after a few minutes she stopped, but that was only to move on to the next embarrassing situation.  In walks this girl with purple hair and full sleeves on both arms with tattoos. I immediately knew without a doubt this would catch Taylor's attention.  And boy did it ever, she immediately shouts from her chair (and I quote her words exactly), "Ohhh, you have painted hair, I love your purple painted hair.  It's beautiful!"  Well, of course the girl looks straight at Taylor and makes no expression at all.  This, of course, makes Taylor yell it even louder.  Apparently she thinks the girls doesn't hear her.  

Taylor still gets no expression and no response from the girl.  At this point, the girl will barely even communicate with the employees, even when they are asking her direct questions.  To put it nicely, the girl was RUDE!!  But at three you don't really understand that, so Taylor starts to tell her how she loves her tattoos and even points out the "pretend one" that she has on.  Taylor goes on to tell her that she thinks they are all beautiful, and again, that she loves her purple hair.  Still no expression and no response.  So, I kid you not, Taylor looks at me and the girl that is doing her nails and says loudly, "Oh no, that girl is sad.  But I bet she will be happy later with her beautiful painted hair."  Haha, gotta love Taylor's positive outlook. 

Then comes Thursday.........the day Taylor decides to give herself a mullet!  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Taylor is very independent and she will play happily for hours in her playroom by herself.  Taylor loves to craft...she loves to paint, color, cut, and glue!!  I mean, she loves to cut, so I recently bought her this book and a pair of age appropriate scissors.

So, after picking her up from her pre-school, I set her up on the floor of the playroom with some crafts and then I proceed to go across the hall where my computer is set up to answer a few emails.  She normally brings me her artwork or craft when she has completed something and then goes on to work on another one.  

Well, I noticed it had been longer than normal without her bringing me something to see, so I went to take a peek and see what she was up to.  At first, I didn't notice anything out of the norm, and she was happily sitting there painting in her book, but then I turned around and saw it.......a big pile of hair on the floor.  I think my heart stopped for a second.  I quickly ran over to look at her hair, and at first, it didn't seem all that bad.  I ran my fingers through it, more hair just started to fall, and it quickly became very noticeable. 

I just kept saying over and over, "Taylor you know better than this!  Why did you cut your hair? Scissors are for paper only!!"  Then she started to cry, and of course, I couldn't stop the tears myself. Oh, it was a hot mess.  So, I proceeded to text the pictures to my true lifesaver, friend, and hairstylist Angie.  She quickly called me and told me not to worry, and that she would come that night and fix Taylor's hair.  But then the mom guilt started to set in and I felt horrible. You know how us moms think in moments like this....I definitely felt I should have been watching her more closely.  I shouldn't have given her scissors (even though they were 3+) without me being in the room.  I should have explained a little more clearly that we only cut paper.  Ugh, it was quite a day to say the least! 

I mean, look at that sad little puppy face, and of course, the chopped up hair ;) 

And only Taylor would cut her hair and then have it end up looking more adorable (after Angie came to the rescue) than it did in the beginning.