Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This and That.....

// So I finally chopped my hair...for real!  I have never in my life had my hair this short, so I was a little freaked out about taking the plunge.  I know y'all are probably thinking, "Girl your hair was almost that short anyway."  Those last few inches and the chance of not being able to have a ponytail are what had me feeling anxious, but I am happy to report that I really like it, plus, it feels so much healthier and thicker! 

Chambray dress - So soft and comfy, plus, it's under $60! 

// Seeing this picture of the kids almost brought me to tears.  Where does the time go and what happened to my tiny little babies??

And I can't believe that Taylor will be four in less than three months!!  She is such a mommy's girl, and while it can be a bit tiring, I secretly love that she wants me all the time ;) 

// This sweater from Loft is the softest thing I have ever put on!!  And it's on sale right now for $23.98!?!?!

And speaking of Loft, they are taking 40% off warmer weather styles right now!!  Dying, and I am mean dying over........

Should be arriving at my doorstep this week (and now the yellow one is tempting me)!