Thursday, February 18, 2016

Small tricks on making life a little easier + Clinique Smart Giveaway!

As a mom with two young kids I am up for anything that makes my life easier and that takes less time out of my day.  Over the last several years I have found some simple tricks that are a huge help. 

Most of these tricks are pretty basic, but if I don't do these little things each evening I end up feeling rushed and/or stressed the next morning. 

* Lay out Carson's school clothes on his bed the night before.  This is huge, as my little man loves to sleep (he gets up with only 30 minutes to spare).  When his alarm goes off I go in his room, turn his lamp on, and let him know it's time to get dressed.  With his clothes already lying on the bed beside him, he knows the drill, and can get himself completely ready.  I also have to remind him to brush his teeth and hair :) 

* Pre-pack lunch the night before.  Besides sandwiches, I do all my prep work the night before. 
Example: Cut up all fruit and veggies (even though it's usually just fruit with Carson) and place them into plastic lunch size containers.  This way I can just toss it into his lunch bag without wasting any time.

* Mix Taylor's morning milk so it's ready to roll when she wakes up asking nicely demanding it!  We still have to give Taylor a small dose of prescription Miralax in her milk each morning, so mixing this in the evening and having it ready the next morning insures I don't forget about it! 

Like I said earlier, these are all pretty simple, but they make my day run so much smoother.  And a good bit of my mom duties are complete, after all, I still want to make sure that I am taking care of me...and let's be real, I need to make sure I am taking care of me!  You know, the basics.......eating healthy, exercising, taking care of my skin, and even showering if the opportunity arises...haha!  

This is where Clinique and their new Smart line step in to make life a little easier in the 'taking care of me' department.  You should all know by now, I love Clinique and I have used their products and most of their skincare for over a decade now.  But, not only do I love their products, I truly believe in them and how well they they work. 

The two moisturizers below are truly my favorite from this line.  One is for day and one is for night, but they are both packed with four amazing benefits.  They visibly ease wrinkles, even skin tone, firm your skin, and brighten your skin. This, my friends, is what I call a moisturizer win! 

Included in their Smart line are some other really great products as well!  Clinique was nice enough to send me their Clinique smart oil treatment and the Clinique Smart custom-repair eye treatment to try out.  I have only used these two products for about a week now, but I am really loving them both so far.
The oil is great when your skin is feeling really dry, or if you have dry patches (like myself).  And even though it's oil, it doesn't leave your face greasy at all like you might think.  It's really light and soaks right into your face.  And I'll let the eye treatment reviews speak for themselves, but I can already feel a difference after only one week of use.  I'll be sure to report back after 12 weeks and let you know how my lovely crows feet are looking :) 

Now for the fun part, Clinique has allowed me to pick one lucky winner and send them a full size Clinique Smart moisturizer night and a full size Clinique Smart moisturizer day!

 All you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me one simple trick you use to make your everyday life run a little smoother!  Giveaway will end Sunday EST time at midnight! 

* Thank you Clinique for partnering on this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.