Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Real Life Thoughts ...

// We are still searching for the right house on Daniel Island.  I have actually become pretty obsessed and I find myself checking ten or more times a day for new listings.  I am trying to be patient, as I know we are in the ideal situation and I don't want to rush into anything, but I guess the type A and OCD in me is not very good with handling the unknown.  I've toyed with the idea of looking in Mt. Pleasant or James Island, as they have more houses on the market being that there is a larger area to look at, but in the end, all I can imagine is Carson and Taylor riding their bikes to school, Todd and I walking to date night, and the small community feel that I love so much.  So.......we shall play the waiting game :) 

// Speaking of homes, I get asked quite often if I would put marble in my kitchen again!  The answer is YES!  Either way, if Todd and I decide to build (or buy something already on the market) I want marble in my kitchen again.  Does it have some etching and some water spots here and there?  Yes, of course, but I still love it as much as I did the day we put it in. 

I could sit and stare at kitchens like the one's below all day long! 

// I can't decide what to do with this mop of mine!!  And yes, I said mop, and mop is exactly how I feel about this hair of mine!  I have the slowest growing hair ever, but yet I still always seem to have roots!  The actual condition is SO MUCH BETTER than it was six months ago, and all the damaged and broken off pieces are finally starting to grow out, but I swear it's starting to look like a full on mullet these days!  Three things that I swear have brought my hair back to life are these vitamins, this shampoo, and this conditioner below!  I know, they are both expensive, but all three are worth every penny! 

And I am seriously thinking about cutting my hair like this!!  Thoughts?!?  I am scared I will hate it, and like I stated above, my hair grows so slow!!! 

// Todd and I started watching the American Crime Story of OJ Simpson last night and we are already hooked!  Y'all, how in the world did OJ Simpson not get found guilty!?!?  I can't wait to watch the rest of this and find out more details of everything that went on, but wow, so far OJ Simpson seems to have been a loose cannon! 

Last, Kate Spade just announced their SURPRISE SALE!!!!  Most items are 75% or more! 

This coat just went into my cart!! I have stalked it forever, and never did I think it would be reduced this low!!! 

Fashion Kendall Coat - was $628.00 now $229.00